Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blog journey

Blog journey

With a blog, a way to earn a pedestrian is no longer the same information. Make the necessary, by Christopher Elliott, executive summary by darmansjah

Can you trust the contents travel blog? Sometimes. Because it is not always objective. There is a blog owned by certain people who are paid to certain companies imaging affairs, just show reviews are fine, when in fact not always expressed openly.

There is also a blogger who deliberately publish positive reviews barter to get flights, hotels, and free food. (This of course does not apply to the blog on the website of National Geographic Traveler).

"The bloggers have no ethical standards," said Alexander Halvais blogging experts from Quinnipiac University. "You perhaps believe you read the contents of the magazine for believing that issuing the company's reputation. Unlike blogs, the trust is often associated with less who the blogger him. "Consequently, you probably will 'swallow' just review favorite blogs are not necessarily true.

For example, the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions few years ago sponsored a 25 bloggers to Amsterdam, indemnity well as the cost of airfare, hotel, and tickets to the tourist spots. As barter, the bloggers agreed displaying the logo "Bloggers in Amsterdam" and recount their journey in their respective sites. "I'm happy to stay at the Lloyd Hotel!" Said one blogger, while another added, "Food. Byang served very good."

Visit Milwaukee has also been sponsoring a blogger for a full year, from finance use internet access, gives laptop worth 1700 U.S. dollars, to supply the admission tourist spots, as barter publish blogs about Milwaukee (http://playinthecity.blogs.com) . "We provide only minimal incentives, worth the amount paid blogger posts," said David Fantle, spokesman for Visit Milwaukee. The next year, Visit Milwaukee renew the contract of the bloggers and launched another blog (www.tasteofthetown.blogs.com).

One example of a sponsored blog ever, which is "Roadtripper" (www.visitpa.com), which showed the journey of the citizens of Pennsylvania to explore states in the U.S. Not the least cost VisitPA. But the results are worth it. "Pennyslavania Tourist Office and its partners are able to provide information that is considered fairly neutral or positive, which invites comments 'innovative' or 'fun,'" said Carrie Fisher, spokesman for the office of Tourism Pennysylvania.

It is not difficult to influence bloggers to write about a destination. A Luxury Travel Blog (www.aluxurytravelblog.com) through its website to lure exchange for free accommodation for bloggers who are willing to present the review of a destination. The site is among others to cooperate with hotels in Italy, and promote, "If you are in the Bellagio, there is only one place to stay: The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni."

Advertisers are also openly threw his intentions. PayPerPost. Com are willing to pay bloggers to promote a product. Among them, offering 10 dollars for bloggers who feel dispose to write 300 words about thrill vacation in Hawaii.

Is this paid blogger be bad for most people? Some bloggers insisted that no-though not a few people who complain cooperation bloggers and sponsors. Steve Broback, business travel blog publisher (www.in.flighthq.com) stated, "Bloggers do not have to journalists. Bloggers write about the experience, and the blog does not have to follow the standards of journalists. "

Sponsored blogs will continue to emerge. Review blog doubts do not need to respond, you alone must find out and check the validity of the source. Your journey will depend on this.

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