Thursday, March 7, 2013

Torigin, pleasure in Ginza

By Andy Riza Hidayat, executive summary by darmansjah

First came to Tokyo, Japan, Nikkei a senior journalist, Komaki Toshihisa, throwing the story. He said, in the commercial district of Ginza, downtown Tokyo, artifacts restaurant you've ever visited the former President of Indonesia, which Sukarno, Habibie and Megawati.

His name Torigin restaurant. In Japanese, it means silver chicken. "The restaurant was in a small alley. Maybe you will find it hard to look, "said Toshihisa.

This story made me curious. Imagine, there is a restaurant that leads into the republic's celebrity, in a small alley anyway. Like what the hell to eat it?

I am determined to less than five days to find before leaving Tokyo. The first day to the third day, I and four journalists from Indonesia has not been able to find it. Our guides, Saika tince Napitupulu (43), a resident of Indonesia, which has a dozen years living in Tokyo, has not managed to help find her. "I've heard," said Tince.

A member of the Indonesian embassy in Tokyo, giving clearer instructions. He confirmed information delivered Toshihisa. Then, explain to Mrs. Tince on the direction of the restaurant Torigin.

Small alley

On the fifth day I was in Tokyo, we managed to find it. At precisely noon, time for lunch, the restaurant look with red boards. Its location in the alley with a width of approximately 2.5 meters in Nishi Gobangai Street, in the commercial district of Ginza, downtown Tokyo.

In fiber (22/9) afternoon, not many people passing in the hallway. However, when entered into the dining room, seen dozens of people enjoying a dish in Torigin. Some sat in the waiting room.

The diner Torigin laid underground, with an area of ​​approximately 500 square meters. Visitors can choose a bench that deal directly with the cook or separate. The maid part-faced Japanese and other people of Bangladesh.

As the name suggests, the main menu at the restaurant is a dish of rice and chicken dishes. There is also a popular menu in Torigin named Kamameshi. The menu is served on a small brazier made of wood and metal. Cuisine in the heat of the brazier that last a long time even without ignition. Serving Kamameshi be combined vegetables mushrooms, salmon, bamboo shoots, chopped chicken, and crab.

The cuisine is cooked immediately when visitor order. We waited 15-20 minutes. During that time, we enjoy delicious appetizers such as salad, soup, and chicken satay. Cook until chicken satay meat inside, covered in spices, soy sauce, and orange-scented fresh taste.

"Hmmm, steady, matching the tongue of Indonesia," said Adila. Indonesian citizen who came with us.
Our order finally arrived, tori Kamameshi or some rice with minced chicken team. A moment when opening the brazier, thin smoke wafted, tempting aroma. We were unable to stem the desire for immediate release of our curious latent days.

"Well it turns out the taste of the president. Steady, "said Sapto, our companions from Bandung. Furthermore, we are soluble in Torigin cooking enjoyment.

Kamameshi, a rice and mixed teams minced chicken taste good. Until the rice was savory crust. We re-ordered the chicken satay which quickly runs out in the buffet.

Prices varied cuisine, to the main menu, ranging from 260¥en to 950¥en, appetizer dishes ¥160-¥260, menu a la carte ¥310-¥740, and drinks between ¥ 210 and ¥ 1,000. While rubbed lips, I was determined to return to Torigin.

Ginza, the charming old town.

The restaurant remains popular Torigin customers amid the glitter of the Ginza. Ginza district has been known since 400 years ago when the Edo period. This area began to develop into a modern neighborhood when Japan opened its doors to foreign trade.

Means full city, road freight transportation integrated with the subway. Most people know Ginza as the exclusive business district. Some large companies headquartered in the region, such as Sony and Nikon. Now, people know Ginza as creative as the carrier of the trends in fashion, art, culinary, and science and technology.

Katsuhito Furuya, Ginza Association Chairperson, is proud to introduce the Ginza shopping not only as a fun place, but also the adventurous enjoy theater, movies, art galleries, and music. This is where the birthplace of traditional Japanese performing arts, Kabuki.

Be some oral and written sources mention former President Soekarno several times been shopping in Ginza. Perhaps because of this story, he then stopped for eating at Torigin.

This restaurant is located about 1 kilometer from the Hotel Imperial. The hotel is touted as a meeting place by Dewi Sukarno Sukarno early 1960's.

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