Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lake Tekapo

Executive summary by darmansjah

Lake Tekapo brought me  face to face with the other side of the universe, and my feet never even left the ground. Lake Tekapo is renowned for having some of the brightest night skies on earth, and from the Mount John Observatory I contemplated far away galaxies and got up close and personal with constellations I never knew existed (if you’ve actually heard of pavo the peacock, then you’re a more qualified stargazer than I).

During the day, Tekapo’s stunning glacial waters are
every bit as impressive as the night sky; the famed turquoise waters of a million-and-one postcards demand as much attention as the southern alps vistas. Hiking the Tekapo high country is a great way to explore the mountains, with outfitters like Alpine Recreation Canterbury Ltd able to organize three-day excursions into the wild, with a stop at the remote Re Simpson Hut. Cross-country and alpine skiing, mountain biking, and horse trekking are also popular here, with each offering a fantastic opportunity to escape the regular Tekapo tourist activities of gazing at the stars and lazing in the hot springs. Jucy Rentals helped me get off the beaten track and into the craggy countryside in a funky camper van, and if I didn’t to turn the vehicle back in I may never have come back from the countryside,. Upon my return to civilization I stopped off at the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd, a stone and oak masterpiece that frames a rather dramatic view of the lake and the mountains through the alter window.

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