Friday, February 14, 2014


Executive summary by darmansjah

Toast your happiness swimming or Kayaking through a sea of stars. That’s possible at Puerto Rico’s Vieques island, a compact, 21-by five-mile patch of beach bliss that the Spanish called ‘useless’ (maybe if you’re merely looking for gold, and not a life partner). Vieques, often dubbed the Caribbean’s next big thing,’ is famous for its Mosquito Bay, 

a bioluminescent bay where you can swim of kayak through the lit-up sparkling waters (rents see-through kayaks for maximum viewing). Go during a new moon for best visibility. Afterwards, enjoy the beaches, skip the lone resort (the stylish new W) for the more intimate, industrial yet eco-hip Hix Island House, a cutting-edge, 13-room stay with kitchen that rises out of the canopy of trees like granite boulders (from $134). Fly from Singapore or Malaysia to San Juan Airport (from $2,240).

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