Tuesday, February 18, 2014


executive summary by darmansjah

FLORIDA’s position at the southern end of the US East Coast, pointing towards the Caribbean, has earned it the nickname the ‘Sunshine State’. Yet other states could steal the title. Weather stations across the US measure the proportion of hours between sunrise and sunset with clear, sunny skies. Of the bigger cities, it’s a tie between Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson, all in the Southwest, which  enjoy sunshine for around 85 per cent of all daylight hours through the year. Comparatively, New York is on 58 per cent, while Juneau in Alaska enjoys the least sunshine of any US city, at just 30 per cent.

Phoenix, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tucson, Arizona

El Paso, Texas

Fresno, California

Sacramento, California

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Los Angeles, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

Miamai, Florida

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