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executive summary by damansjah

You plan to travel Australia? Do not forget to bring your family because this country has a lot of exciting recreational areas. In addition, the country is unique because sealed snow at a time when other countries are experiencing summer.

Australia has a relatively temperate weather almost all year round, but the climate varies. For example, in the northern part of Australia typically warm climates most of the time, whereas in southern Australia experienced colder winters.

Interestingly, Australia's seasons opposite to those in countries northern hemisphere. December to February summer, autumn March to May, winter from June to August, and September to November spring.

Therefore, if you would like to invite families enjoy soft snow, please come to Australia on vacation from June to August. In addition to snow, this country has a tourism draw.


One is Melbourne. The city presents two magnificent buildings are Parliament House and St Patrick Cethedral. In both these buildings you can take pictures to capture the moment with friends.
Melbourne also has some interesting places, such as city parks Fitzory Garden is 26 acres yagn beautiful, Shrine of Remembrance is building commemorate WWI fighter from Australia.

Of Melbourne, you can go wandering into Mount Baw Baw Alpine Village. This is one of the very pretty town in the winter. The city is also one of the most popular ski resort in Australia. In addition to playing the snow, here you can take the children to play sled.

Talk about snow, it feels incomplete if you do not see the penguins. Well, these gentle animals you can see at Philip Island. The next night, complete your fun day with eating lobster.


Of Melbourne, do not forget to visit Brisbane. If you are curious as to what the typical Australian animals, the koala, it's here. Yes, Gold coast has Currumbin wildlife sanctuary. Here you can meliaht koala, feed a kangaroo, to watch the traditional dance of the Aborigines.

Gold Coast also has the Movie World theme park is managed by the Warner Bros. Company. Here you can see the attractions of interest.


Travel to Australia is not complete if you have not visited Sydney. If you want to enjoy the view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the beautiful opera house, please come to Mrs Macquaries chair. After enjoying the view of the city following the tour, it's time to hunt suvernir at Paddys Market.

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