Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To Paris, lost in the world of the dead

Original text by Taufikuleks, executive summary by Darmansjah

If you come to France, do not forget a trip to the cemetery "Pere La Chaise" is located in the eastern part of Paris. Here you will find the tomb of famous people from all over the world with a variety of unique shapes headstone.

I arrived at the Pere La Chaise right on a sunny morning, the first goal is the tomb of 'Oscar Wilde', a famous writer blooded Irish. Person that is the main attraction so that the cemetery is known throughout the world as one of the tourist icons of Paris.

His grave is not hard to find because it stands near the door of the tomb mausoleum board layout map. Oscar Wilde's tombstone found in block 88, a vehicle shaped like the ancient Egyptian god with winged angel ornament that reminds me of the temples in Luxor.

Unique and strange from the tomb of Oscar Wilde is a protective glass covering the author's tombstone. The glass is fitted to prevent the smell devotee tombstone with pink lipstick.
In addition to Wilde grave, cemetery location there are also grave Chopin, the famous composer of Polish origin, and the tomb of Maria Callas, the famous singer soprano voice. Leading figures from Turkey and Kurdistan are also buried in Pere la Chaise.

In addition to the grave with the name of France and Europe, there are a few graves with Asian names, such as the tombstone with the name of Tata family, one of the ethnic groups in India, and several tombstones have literacy China.

Wandering in the world of the dead is making me fascinated and enchanted like. Exotic shapes headstone coffin just as multilevel, pyramid, and also leaves the tomb covered up soulful magical.

A journey that reminds us all that life will someday die!

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