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Heaven on Earth by Kashmir Version

Original text by Vishnu Nurgroho, adapted again by Darmansjah

TWO DAYS TWO NIGHTS in Kashmir was short for those who love adventure and get a surprise from new experiences. Although not too many places to visit, each takes place loose to explore.

KASHMIR is in the northern region of India. In gegografis, position bordering Pakistan. Range of hills separating the two countries whose relationship is tidal. No wonder the Kashmiris India is different from most people. Posture and facial lines Kashmiris tall skinny gaunt cheeks like Pakistanis.

Kashmir was originally used to refer to a stretch of the valley that lies between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal. Because it is geographically located at the 'top', Kashmir is often referred to as 'the crown of India'.

In order to promote tourism, Kashmir is also known as 'heaven on earth'. In the local language, Kashmir is another name for heaven. When there in Kashmir and witnessed the natural beauty, the fourth mughal emperor, Jehangir (1596-1627), even exclaimed, "If there is heaven on earth, it's here. Yes, here the place. "

Somewhat redundant phrase if we ingest it now. Moreover, for many who had been exploring beautiful places. Yet it is quite reasonable. As 'heaven on earth', Kashmir then considered to be very valuable. No one from outside the Kashmir region has allowed his land. Due to the same reason, Kashmiris who migrated never relinquished its status as citizens of Kashmir. They do not want missing heaveb for the second time.

Then, what seemed like heaven? we look three  most popular places visited in Kashmir, the Mughal Gardens, Dal Lake, and Gulmag.


From Jakarta , much bette flight that can be used to get Kashmir . Entourage , last September , I was riding Garuda Indonesia followed by Jet Air . After transit in Singapore , we headed Nes Delhi . Overnight in Delhi , the next morning , travel by Air Jet continued to Kashmir . Garuda Indonesia and Air Jet collaboration is central to the tourist track in India . " The potential is quite large , " said GSA Manager of Jet Airways .

Expanse of green valley surrounded by hills and the Himalayas appear from plane window . Sunny in the late summer , mid- September, presenting a view ' heaven ' of elevation .

With four seasons , Kashmir has four distinct character . Spring , between March and May , making the expanse of colorful flowers grow and show elegance . Temperatures ranging from 6-23 ᵒ C. Followed summer ends August with temperatures of 25-35 ᵒ C. The whole valley looks like a mosaic of green in the summer .

Next , beginning September is autumn . For some people , the beauty of Kashmir emerged in late September when the leaves change color to golden green , brown, and red . The temperature was very comfortable , ranging 10-23 ᵒ C.
Winter came in December to March . All the hills and valleys covered with thick snow . In winter , the hills in the snowy region of Kashmir is the best in Asia .

Silence Dal Lake

Was in Kashmir when the leaves begin to turn yellow green like watching sikllus life . The plane tree leaves also become an icon of Kashmir . In the Mughal gardens , plane tree which is over 400 years old , planted a row. Shade invite people sat in silence enjoying the coolness . Some of them fell asleep in the middle of the day .

As an icon of Kashmir , Chinar leaves are used as a motif many crafts , such as weaving , knitting , border , and webbing . Chinar leaves are very commonly used as a motif famous Kashmir carpets . According to the Kashmiris , plane tree only grows in Kashmir and Iran .

After inhaling the cool Mughal Gardens , the lake which is about 25 Km ₂ we are headed . At the lake , named Dal and became the center of Srinagar , Kashmir , it was me and the group will stay at the house boat .

Dal lake which started mass occupied in 1960 are now inhabited by about 70,000 people , or about 7 % of the citizens of Srinagar , amounting to about 1 million people . The lake is located in the foothills of Zabarwan there are at least 300 houseboat . South side of the Dal Lake is Shankaracharya hill and on the west side is the hill Hazratbal .

All the needs of those living in Dal lake was filled in this lake . There is a buoyant market and stalls selling all needs . For mobility , there are about 5,000 Shikaras , boats without motors are driven by heart-shaped paddle . Houseboat generally located on the shores of the lake . In the collection of the houseboat , ad ataman lotus that blooms before dusk . Within a year , the most perfect time enjoying the lotus blooms on Dal Lake together was in July-August .

Houseboat maintained traditionally managed by the residents who live on the lake as part of maintaining the area and empowerment . Because the people who run similar economic abilities , there is no noticeable difference between the houseboat . Tourist arrivals to be one of the carrying capacity for economic citizens .

The houseboat generally consists of four rooms , one dining room , one 'family' room , and a terrace overlooking the floating gardens . Inhabited by 10 people , the houseboat was still comfortable . Ranks of the sofa in the ' family ' can be used as a bed . For who want to feel the sensation of silence and living in the lake , houseboat can be the right choice .

While living in the middle of the lake , do not have to worry about missing information . Cable television and internet networks available Free of Charge . Mobility is also not restricted because Shikaras dengna oarsmen ready for use anytime and anywhere, including buying their own food to be cooked in a kitchen that is fully equipped houseboat .

The tops of the pine

After overnight and enjoy the golden sun rises the next day in Dal Lake , exploration dilanjutan to Gulmarg in Kashmir at an altitude of around 2,757 M above sea level . Although the distance is only about 30 km from Dal Lake , it takes about 1 ½ hours to arrive in the pasture in the mountains .

Although it comes at a time when that was not perfect , the beauty of Gulmarg remains tempting . Most travelers said the most perfect time to come to Gulmarg is when it snows . But green pastures along the 2km 3km wide dengna Pir Panjal mountain surrounded wonderful too enjoyed .

Around the meadows , fir and pine forests hundreds of years to add a sense of calm . Eagle hover and perch on the tops of dry pine adds to the beauty . On horseback , many local residents leased , explored the beauty of Gulmarg worth .

Approximately 90 minutes of being on horseback , across the prairies and pine forests do not feel old . Temperatures around 15 ᵒ C makes a comfortable feeling to linger . When pasture and herd sheep in sight , I stopped 15 minutes to enjoy . Imagine if winter arrives . Gulmarg area is covered with thick snow would look like a pile of cold wet cotton .

Throughout December 2013 , all five-star resorts and hotels around Gulmarg already fully booked . Tourists usually enjoy while Gulmarg skiing . There are 100 gondola . Every single minute , there is a gondola that takes tourists from a height of 5,000 meters . Outside the snow season , the gondola remains a major tourist attraction in addition to riding .

Gulmarg also a golf course . Located at an altitude of about 2,700 M above sea level , Gulmarg golf course is the highest golf course in the world . Many tourists make it to the object field beautiful panoramic photos .

Outside of that activity , Gulmarg being a perfect area for walking or trekking . Trekking equipment rentals are available as local guides . For this tour , following 4-5 days required to stay in the tent in the camp in the middle of fir and pine forest . Variouscity wildlife , like tigers and monkeys , bus easily found .

That's roughly the picture version surge Kashmir . How is the surge do you think ?

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