Saturday, September 12, 2015

Night in Sapporo

Original text by Andy Riza Hidayat, executive summary by Darmansjah

Looks like the big cities in Japan have never resting, always alive 24 hours. We thought only the tireless Tokyo serving its citizens. Apparently not. Saporo city on the island of Hokkaido, northern Japan, is also still growing at midnight.

That night, most office workers do not go straight home. They still wear a suit down the streets of the city. They were joined by colleagues at the main roadside bar in Susukino area. There seems to be a small party at the bar who attended the white-collar workers.

Not far from there, two elderly men sit on a bench while holding a bottle of drink. Mingle in the middle of busy pedestrians passing in a comfortable pedestrian pathways. This is a piece face Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture. This city offers nightlife for anyone who visited there.

Temperatures in Sapporo 15 ᵒ -18 ᵒ C , Saturday ( 12/10 ) night was cold enough for the size of the Inodnesia . The cold atmosphere of the city was reminiscent of Berastagi , North Sumatra , at night . Indonesian travelers can not wait for warmth . 'It 's very good. Could find a warm tonight , "said his , who first came to Sapporo .


While travel guide offers a seafood dish at Restaurant Noano Hakobune . This three-story restaurant located just down the road in the area of ​​Susukino. From the front , the restaurant is like an old building with no occupants. However , upon entering , was already a lot of people . We were got lucky seat .

Once seated , we felt the warmth of the existing roasting dish on the table. However, you do not have to bother , restaurant chefs have prepared a cooking menu ordered .

Sapporo seafood, said the guide , in contrast with seafood elsewhere . In addition to fresh , delicious taste also more seafood than anywhere else. " Sapporo seafood is famous around the world . Seafood fans know the pleasure of cooking here . "

We began with appetizers such as vegetable tasting. The next menu grilled scallops, salmon, crab, and other marine processed. There are at least six kinds of seafood that we enjoy. Less complete it if not enjoy the dessert menu, which is chocolate ice cream.

But of all the dishes sampled, there is one of the most exotic dish, the sea shells. The scallops baked in the shell with a distinctive flavor of processed Sapporo.  Difficult to describe the deliciousness. The price for this dish certainly hmmmmm .... delicious as it feels.

Sheep Ghengis Khan

Sapporo culinary evening warmth can also be enjoyed in the Kirin Beer Garden in the Chuo - Ku . No different from other restaurants in Sapporo , this eating place full of visitors at night . Almost all the seats in the dome -shaped building was filled to capacity.

Famous dish in this meal is cooking Gengis Khan . You think the name is similar to a ruler monggolia ? You are not wrong . Name of the baked lamb dishes in the convex metal refers to Ghengis Khan , ruler of Mongolia .

Long ago , as told travel guides , many kept sheep in Japan Mongolian army . Therefore, the cuisine of the region Saporo goat is named Ghengis Khan . Sheep are presented in the table was thinly sliced ​​.

It looks fresh and seductive tongue . Difference , when in the restaurant waiting for customers Hakobune Noano presented dishes on the table , in the Kirin Beer Garden had to cook his own food taster . They can combine their own flavor of fresh lamb meat with soy sauce which is available over the counter .

The smell of burnt lamb spread around the restaurant space with a capacity of hundreds of people. in the corner of the room suddenly heard shouts and cheers of visitors . They cheered and encouraged his theme that talked about success . Hotter atmosphere when there was a scream , kampaaiiii ... !

I can not wait to bite is still hot roast meat. As soon as the first bite to the end of the tongue, feel the softness of the roasted lamb. Soy sauce mixed with melted fat stimulates the stomach to eat immediately.

Ghengis Khan more complete dish when served with rice, grilled crab, mushrooms, cabbage, bean sprouts, and onions as solvent cholesterol. All menu that successfully keep warm in the cold Sappporo. However, for culinary enthusiasts in Sapporo, is not complete if it does not incorporate a meal with sake, rice wine.

Tac Shindo , a resident of Tokyo who is traveling to Sapporo , suggesting that the procedure favors drinking sake and warmth can be felt .

While you enjoy seafood or Ghengis Khan in Sapporo , Shindo drinking a sip of sake with small glasses . Then , he was talking with colleagues about a variety of things . Soon sodium absorption ratio , Shindo continue next ake gulps . " That drink sake , chat a little worn and drink again , " he said .

Not so late at night feels . We and all associates should go back to the hotel . Romanticism still feels left Sapporo and love to pass on that night .


"Wallet melt ..." look at Yubari Melon.

In addition to preparations of the sea, which is typical of Sapporo agricultural products, bleak corn, melons, pineapples, and yams. Of all the agricultural products, most notably the Yubari melon. You can choose to enjoy the agricultural products in fresh condition or processed. I choose to enjoy the agricultural products in fresh condition, it can evoke a tired body stamina stroll.

Kresh, alamak .... Sweet. Green-skinned melon and fleshy orange is indeed very impressive. The name refers to the origin of Yubari melon crops are developed in the area of ​​Yubari, Hokkaido. Its price should not be surprised, in the market, could be 500 thousand to 1 million. Imagine the kind of money coming into the market to buy a melon at ‘Kramatjati’ per kg it's just 7 thousand, how many melons that can be taken home.

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