Friday, May 13, 2016


Exceptional Destinations, Authentic Experieces.

Executive summary by darmansjah

NatGeo experts and handpicked locals have develop a one-of-a-kind travel resource to help you plan more enriching journeys, using interactive online maps, guides, and virtual tours; tuck-in-your-pocket print formats; even mobile apps-all filled with inside insights and advice on exploring these legendary locations. Get tips on where to find the most awe-inspiring natural beauty; outdoor adventures; ways to engage and volunteer in communities; homegrown festivals and events; museums, galleries, theaters, and interpretive center; plus favorite spots to stay, eat, and drink.

NatGeo and the National Geotourism Council have created a partnership with tourism destinations that protect, promote, and sustain distinctive environments and cultures. These regions go the extra mile to help you have the most authentic travel experience
Explore these destinations more fully with our unique Interactive Destination Guides

Sierra Nevada-California, Nevada

Four Corners-Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Greater Yellowstone-Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Crown of The Continent-Alberta, British Columbia, Montana

Central Cascades-Oregon, Washington


East Tennessee River Valley-Tennessee, North Georgia

Lakes to Locks Passage-New York, Quebec

Redwood Coast-California

U.S. Gulf Coast States-Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida

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