Thursday, May 26, 2016

Vieux Nice

Executive summary by Darmansjah

One of the best memories of Nice is the old town market called Cours Saleya. Old town, Vieille Ville, is another wow, but this is just about the market. Wake up early, walk from your hotel to the old town plaza and viola! Covered cart after cart of flowers, all kinds, make a rainbow right before your eyes. You can purchase just about any type of flower here and it does make your stay in a hotel much nicer with fresh flowers in the room.

Beyond the flower carts, row after row of displays of fruits, vegetables, foods, and the fresh fish from the sea are being sold by colorful, barking vendors. What a treat of sight and sound! You simply must purchase those special olives to have with your cheese and bread with a good bottle of wine. The vendors are friendly, happy, and helpful. Please, visit this great location in Nice. It is more than nice, its wonderful. remember to walk the cobblestone streets for the many restaurants and shops.

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