Monday, June 6, 2016

Browse Kabul’s Hall

Browse  Kabul’s Hall

Original Text by Kasman Taslim, executive summary by darmansjah
Country at the crossroads of mainland Asia offers a unique destination. Time to get unforgettable memories from here.

We sat cross-legged on the carpet around the traditional stove made of iron and placed in the middle of the room.
While waiting for orders to come, we enjoyed a cup of chai (hot tea). A favorite warm drink here because the body chilling temperatures. I myself rarely drink hot tea.
"Do people eat cold tea Afghanistan" asked me to Sayed, young ethnic majority Pashtun-Afghan lands that became my guide.

"Not at all. Nothing to drink cold tea in Afghanistan, "Sayed replied, visibly surprised. "I can not imagine what it is like cold tea."

Countries close to Plato Iran also has tea culture. Unique, of course-because it has become the main drink. When entertaining guests, the host always serves up a cup of hot tea. Similarly, when a break in the meeting.
Here, the presentation of a cup of the tea produced from boiling tea leaves in hot water in the teapot. There is no process-makers as we commonly encounter in Indonesia. As a result, the tea will taste bitter without the addition of sugar. I most like sipping green tea with cardamom aroma very strong. Cardamom is a spice that has a unique flavor and strong fragrance. Residents who live in the Middle East and most of Asia many use as a spice.

I daydream about tea was shattered so our food arrived. Waitress serves a portion of palau-traditional foods such as rice made from basmati rice mixed with julienned carrots, raisins, chunks of meat and spices masala. Here's my menu choice that day. Dining is placed on a carpet covered with a sheet of plastic for easy clean-finished dining room later.

I glanced Sayed. Either, one serving of chicken kebab. Eat his lunch menu consists of grilled chicken pieces, like satay only the size is much larger pieces of meat and eaten with flat bread known as naan.

While enjoying a delicious lunch, I caught sight senses the activity of two children in our footwear release. Exuding a happy face, they frolic while shining shoes diners restaurants. I was sweeping views to the front of the restaurant. There, some of the kids who peddle merchandise sitting on the shoulder of the road. They offer goods to anyone who crosses the street.

Once finishing lunch, we got in his car we were riding. Suddenly collection tai kids swarming us. They were dressed in shabby while begging. There are just stretch out your hand, there is also an offer to sell something like a tissue or candy that they had while repeating the word, "One dollar Sir  One dollar sir ... .."

Sayed over and whispered to me.

"Do not give them money or buy anything from them." He tried to shoo the children.

As the behavior of most children anywhere in the world, they are not necessarily shy away or moved away. They did not heed outlaw it fearlessly against Sayed pair of eyeballs that have been enlarged.

I immediately got in the car, close the door and ignore them. In Indonesia, I did not want to give money to street beggars arguing it would damage the mental health of children. Yet, here I was a bit curious. In the car I then asked the Sayed.

"Why should not I give the kids money?"

"If you give a kid money, somehow the boy's friends that others will know and they will come running surround us."

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