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Staring at the gorgeous unique lanterns, by - Manggalani R Ukirsari, executive summary by darmansjah

This is one marker of metropolitan Tokyo: Temple Sensouji. Moore Morii Fumiki-old friend of mine who lives in Nishi-Shinjuku - reveals, there is a reason why the place of worship is very interesting for every walker. "First, the architecture is unique Sensouji, can not be compared with other temples in Tokyo. Secondly, located near the river. It is also a differentiator. "

Morii-san said, Sensouji built about 628 years after the two brothers find a small statue made of gold goddess Kannon in the Sumida River. "They believe in the reincarnation of the goddess and worship. That is the reason, why the temple was built near the river where the statue was found. "

When visiting the temple, the first sight is the Kaminari-Mon (gate lightning). Here hung giant red lanterns that looks very popular because so many featured in books about Japan travel guides, postcards to photographs of the tourists. This lantern side with statues Raijin (god of thunder) and Fuujin (Wind god).

"After that there is a long corridor Omete epithet-filled Sando taverns traditional souvenirs, decorative items to Japanese cuisine. Visitors come to this place not to hunt for souvenirs, but also want to taste the local flavor, "Morii said. Including, Senbei snack (such as rice crackers) which covered by soy sauce and covered with a sheet of nori or dried seaweed.

After Kaminari-Mon gate and corridor Omete-Sando, we can continue the exploration into the second gate named Hozo-Mon. popular decoration in this section is Waraji or giant straw sandals hanging on one side. Central to the area is the Goddess of Kannon altar, where pilgrims recite the prayer. If still enough time, 

so wrong temple visit, I suggest you along the banks of the Sumida River. From there, we can enjoy the splendor of the towering Tokyo Sky Tree - as seen in the picture on this page. "If you want to be closer to the Sumida River, take a boating tour packages from here to odaiba and garden Hamarikyu," Morii, insider Tokyo, has made a passionate pleasure I overwhelming.

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