Friday, May 5, 2017


Enjoy the beauty of the waterfront

By Manggalani R.Ukirsari. executive summary by darmansjah

Panoramic view of Tokyo Bay was thrilling. Berpulas orange sunset sky against the background of the white peak of Fuji has published my admiration. Landscape is increasingly felt complete with supporting ornament: a bridge to the port
city Daiba Tokyo, mock Statue of Liberty, and the ship back and forth.

I did not make you jealous. But that's a view of Odaiba in the autumn dusk. Certainly no one expected an island of Odaiba is a human creation. The bridge that move goods and inhabitants of the island helped add a beautiful glow with colorful bright. White, red, and green. The lighting is generated from solar energy. Non-carbon.

Because decorated with colors of the rainbow, residents nicknamed the bridge: Rainbow Bridge. Actually, Connector bridge Shuto Expressway No. 11 Daiba Route - Port of Tokyo. It may be too long and difficult to remember, people prefer to call it by the name of the first one.

There are two fun ways to enjoy the beauty of one of the most beautiful bridges across the country Sakura. I suggest that you choose the train ride - without the risk of fatigue and tiredness. The route, starting from Shimbashi station towards Toyosu with Yurikamome monorail. To achieve shimbashi, we can choose the Yamanote Line. Train without a driver would take us across the bridge and up to 270 ᵒ moving around so it looks landscape bay.

The second way is more economical and requires more body energy: walking. I have been doing it this way. Armed with sneakers, I pursue an 800 m for about 50 minutes. I started my walk from the train station in Yrikamone Shibaurafuto its mainland Tokyo. We can also start to dawn Tamachi Station on the JR East waterfront. Now, you are ready to pursue a rainbow bridge Odaiba like me?

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