Monday, November 19, 2012

Enchanting Tour Destinations in Japan

The attractions you can visit in Japan was not counted. For example, the Asakusa Kannon Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo. According to records, in the 7th century, two fishermen found the statue of Kannon, generous goddess in the Buddhist religion in their fishing nets. The first temple was built as a shelter of this statue.

Since then, the Asakusa Kannon temple was rebuilt and enlarged to be some times the size it is today. Reportedly, the original statue of Kannon found by fishermen are stored or buried beneath the golden plates.

You can also enjoy the Ueno Park, a tourist attraction in Japan is famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms.

Ueno Park is a park area located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Formerly this place is the site of the former Kan'eji, a temple closely associated with the Tokugawa Shogun. This figure to build a temple to keep the Edo Castle, but later considered a misfortune. The temple was destroyed during the war of Boshin.

In Ueno Park, stands a very famous statue of Saigo Takamori with his dog. This sculpture tells a dog to his master's loyalty. There is also a similar story about a dog named Hachiko is memorialized in a statue in Shibuya.

Ueno Park is also contained in the Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, and the National Museum of Western Art, a concert hall, Tosho-gu Shrine, Pond Shinobazu with its Benzantien temple, holy Gojo, and Ueno Zoo. Not surprisingly, this area is a popular tourist and recreation area for local Japanese residents and tourists alike are passing around Tokyo.

Ueno Park is the most famous and most attractive to pass up hanami, the ritual picnic while enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms blooming in the spring.

Do not forget, visit Disneyland which is a good man-made entertainment center for adults, children, and Family that have been known to foreign countries with many attractions, and spectacular performances, so what are you waiting enjoy the beauty of Japan with family, lovers, or relatives Your job, as you are able to get lost in a world of adventure!


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  4. Thanks for the valuable sharing! I am a tourist and I used to visit Japan many times in my whole travel history. Japan is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is a unique blend of traditional and modern, with many temples and buildings. The natural beauty of Japan can be seen all year.

    1. Good Work Alix. Japan has various places for visiting. It is the most beautiful and populous country in the world. It is and island nation in East Asia. It is the capital of Tokyo. I visit in this country before my boston new york bus tours. The Mount Fuji, Tokyo imperial place and the most tourist attraction is Tokyo Tower. It is the major part of tourist. I really enjoy in the country.

  5. What a lovely sharing! Your blog is very informative for travelers and the attractions discussed above sound really Enchanting Tour Destinations. I love to visit such kind of unique places and after reading this blog. I wish to visit these stunning places in Japan. Let me know what time will be best to go there.