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Refresh the Soul inVacation time

 garden tomb jerusalem
Executive summary by darmansjah

Currently, recreation not only aims to refresh the mind and body, but also psychological. By utilizing the remaining time and the time is not long anymore, such as utilizing a long vacation from the routine of work, you can persuade the family to travel together spiritually. For Christians, there are several options that can be considered a place of pilgrimage to be visited or didatangi. Refresh Soul in Vacation time

Certainly true spiritual journey from the depths of the Christian life, but it does not matter your spiritual adventure with the existing map, is a tourist destination full of intrigue (anti Christ) and a never-ending turmoil of war and defend the interests of their respective religions.


This spiritual journey can be started from Kana, a city located in the Holy Land, specifically the province of Galilee. Kana is known as the place of Jesus (the savior of the world - because His kingdom is not from worldly) perform miracles for the first time as set forth in the Gospels or the teachings of Scripture or the Bible. Miracles that Jesus performed was turning water into wine at a wedding sister Maria. In this city you can buy the famous wine kana.

 damascus gate

Furthermore, field trips geared toward Shepherd. According to the gospel, this is where the joy of the shepherds get news from the angel about the birth of the Savior of the World.

You can also find and observe and feel if I have to take a moment pondering the blindness of human beings in a shrine in Jerusalem. Let your faith guide your soul to step right foot to the Garden Tomb. This place was first discovered by Major General George Gordon Cg who lived in Palestine in the years 1882-1883. The place is located outside the Old City of Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate. Not far from there, you'll find a rock that resembles a skull, a place that is Gordon as Golgotha ​​(Mount Calvary).

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

According to the Gospels, the tomb of Jesus Christ is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The place resembles a cave and inside there are two places bed to lay the corpse. Seemingly too large water reservoirs, the extortion of wine, beautiful garden, and some of the chapel (a small form of a church), which became a place of prayer and communion ritual for Protestant Christians.

hill of Golgotha

After the trail up the hill of Golgotha​​, you can come to the chapel rise located on a hilltop olive. Uniquely, this chapel in arriving at a mosque compound run by a Muslim family. Eight square-shaped with a dome made ​​of stone, the chapel has a sign in the form of the curve. Signs that can be seen on the floor is believed to be the footprint of Jesus Christ? When it rises to the surge and sent His disciples to continue and to spread the gospel.

There are many places of pilgrimage to refresh the soul in times when The time was friendly with us, either in an atmosphere of leisure and tourism. Therefore, immediately use the time left to enjoy and refreshes our faith, let alone before the destination of this pilgrimage destroyed by the anti-Christ.

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