Sunday, November 11, 2012

Investigate the World Santa Claus

A white-bearded old man stopped on the roof of the house late at night. He then quietly sneak through the chimney without waking anyone else. When he got inside, he opened the bag and pulled out a gift amount as requested by the children in the house. The old man named Santa Claus or Father Christmas.

The Stories of Santa Claus frequently heard, whether in movies or children’s books. However, if he was real or just a fictional character? Regardless of the truth, it turns out you can see a figure that became a favorite activity of the children when visiting Finland.

In the north Finlandia, there Rovaniemi, also called “city of Ice” due to had a long winter and very cold. This is where residence of Santa Claus, known as Santa Claus Village. Witness workspace Santa Claus, which is busy serving his post office letter children around the world, souvenir shops, and other. In fact, you will also get a certificate as proof ever set foot on the North Pole.

Once there, you will also be invited to the Reindeer Farm, breeding long-horned deer to pull the sleigh. If you still remember the story of the fairy tale, the deer is a faithful animal helps Santa deliver gifts to work while the kids.

Joy did not stop. You and your family can come to Husky Dog Farm to see where breeding huskies from Siberia. Not to forget also to try the dog sledge ride, a chariot drawn by a special dog snowfields.

Multipurpose Ice

Departing from the world of Santa Claus, now turn Saariselka can be explored, located in the rural mountainous area. The first destination that can be visited is the Iglo Village Kakslauttanen, the famous village with houses and buildings made of ice in the winter. Of course this scene you can not meet in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, or even Thailand that has no winter snow.

Vacationing in Saariselka offers a variety of tourist-round ice. For example, the Ice Bar and Ice Chapel which is where the wedding ceremony. There is also the Ice Hotel which the interior is made of ice. Interestingly, if the weather permits, you can enjoy the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, the manifestation of the light that shines at night at the North Pole.

“This natural phenomenon occurs once every 50 years and appeared in 2012. Because Finland is in the Artic Circle, tourists will get a better chance to see the Aurora Borealis directly with the naked eye,” said one of Leisure Travel Management a tour operator who regularly visit to Finland.

Place to visit Santa’s journey will not seem boring despite the snow that blanketed the neighborhood, due to you come from tropical areas and of course this is not daily routine in your life, and if you really take advantage of the available time in your life, before you lying helpless in misery life prolonged and tedious daily routine run this world. Let’s Get Lost!