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Exploring the Beauty Corner of Europe

Exploring the Beauty Corner of Europe

Executive summary by darmansjah

IF ever set foot and traveling in Europe, surely you want to visit the continent again and again. Yes, it tracks just once if you want explore every corner of Europe and feel the experience of traveling in various countries in the region. Moreover, each of the EU pledged a different tourist sensation.

RUSSIA for example, in Red Square Tour history course is your main destination. Around Red Square, you find some place special bias. Call Lenin Mausoleum., Saint Basil Cathedral, GUM Department Store, and the Kazan Cathedral. You see, the cathedrals in Russia has a beautiful and unique architecture, which is hard to find in other places

 gum department store

kazan cathedral

From Russia, let's look at the Scandinavian countries, namely Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The main destinations in this area is the location of the provision absolute surrender Nobel awards are held annually in Stockholm (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway)



Meanwhile, a slick mountain panorama can be found at Mont Banc or also known as La Dame Blanche (The White Lady). Tourist destinations in French means "white mountain" or "Monte Bianco" in Italian is referred to as one of the highest mountains as well as the most beautiful in Europe.

monte blanco

Have you ever heard of Zermat? The city is popular thanks to its geographical location surrounded by beautiful hills, ski tourist sites, and the region is said to be bias free of pollution. Experience the thrill with a cable car ride. Arriving in Zermatt, surrounded and enjoy the beauty of the city by car with a battery energy sources that are environmentally friendly.


Another charm will captivate you in the Lore Valley or often called Valle De La Loire with really beautiful scenery. Your bias is also found ancient castle that inspired the classic tales of Europe.

valle de la loire

Austria did not want to lose. The country has a tourism destination Innsburg and Salzburg is quite famous. In Innsburg you can visit the famous crystal factory producing up to various countries. Meanwhile, in Salzburg, come to your Mirabell Garden. You seemed to be brought into the atmosphere of the classic movie The Sound Of Music.



mirabell garden

Another wista experience in Ceska. Prague is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is the main town in Ceska. Here, you can visit some unique places, such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, Lennon Wall, and Petrin Hill, however, the most famous is the Astronomical Clock or Staromestska Radnice. This unique clock is one of the icons in the Old Town, Ceska.


prague castle

charles bridge

old town square

jewish quarter

lennon wall

petrin hill

astronomical clock

Destinations other than those mentioned above, you do not mean the trip has ended. Other beautiful destinations such as the Danube River which divides Budapest, Honggaria, Nice and Saint Michel in Monaca also need to visit. To complete holiday in Europe. You can take a tour of attractions like the article aid which will provide information about the various needs of an amazing tour in Europe, such as accommodation and transportation is cheap or expensive what you need to know. Vacations to Europe is also becoming easier and convenient, and safe. Can not wait around Europe once again. Especially for people you can visit Your Local Tour and Travel to prepare for your tour around Europe, or you have the initiative vacation a backpacker? No one gives a very valuable experience in life than we can travel or traveling round the world, pal.

danube river


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