Thursday, May 2, 2013


KNOWING known others is commonplace. However, knowing something that most people do not know is a pride. Similarly traveled. visit the interesting objects in the world that is still rarely visited would provide invaluable knowledge and experience.

Been to NEPAL, for example. Countries that are in South Asia and is located in the Himalayas is still fairly rarely referred to as the land of the interesting attractions. In fact, the country has eight of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world holds a number of interesting points that should be enjoyed while there is still time.

Adventure can be started from Nagarkot to enjoy the spectacular summit of Mount Everest, which is one of a series of the Himalayas. Once satisfied breath of cold air with amazing scenery, step your feet towards Bhaktapur. In a city that was once the capital of Nepal, tourists can enjoy the uniqueness of the Bhaktapur Durbar Square is famous for its 55 windows in it. In this city there are also Bhaktapur National Art Gallery, Bhairravnath Temple and Dattatreya Temple.

Kathmandu the capital of the State also keeps a number of historical relics. You will see Pashupatinath Temple, the largest and holiest Hindu temples in India and Nepal. In addition, there Boudhanath Stupa, the largest stupa in Nepal, with a height reaching 36 meters. Swayambhunath Stupa known as the Monkey Temple not to be missed. Do not forget to also stop at Kathmandu Durbar Square which features a wealth of culture, art, architecture and design of the city.

Once satisfied largest city exploring, hunting experience can proceed to the second largest city, Pokhara. In this city, tourists can navigate Lake Phewa and visit the Temple Barahi in the middle of the lake.

Do not forget to also see Sunrise at Sarangkot with an altitude of 1300-1500 meters above sea level. Actually there are many other interesting sights that can enrich your knowledge, such as Chitwan National Park which is the first national park in Nepal. Complete your experience is in exploring the beauty of the local nature and local culture, while you can and be able to use the opportunity adventure. And let us get lost!

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