Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vacation to Korea

Christmas and New Year holidays are insight. To fill this holiday, South Korea could become a tourist destination at the end of the year  and Christmas time to visit with family, friends, or loved ones. The daily life of South Koreans are full of discipline and hard work and the beautiful sights that usually appear in the stories of Korean drama series, now we can enjoy together is real and tangible. Vacation this winter will be a holiday full of impressions and full of wonderful memories and we will never forget until we close our eyes for good.

Trip can be started from Seoul, the South Korean capital city. From here, the journey can be continued to Jeju Island. The island is located at the South Korean peninsula is very close to Japan. The charm and beauty of jeju give the impression of depth and drastically been selected in the list of new world wonders headed thanks to the charm and incredible natural beauty.

Jeju offers the expanse of meadows and flowers, steep cliffs, hills and mountains, and waterfalls, and beautiful black sand beaches. We immediately went down the Dragon Head Rock and Mysterious Road. Feel the sensation of driving that can go against gravity without its engine ignited.

Also unforgettable, filled holiday activities in South Korea with city tour, visit to Glass Castel which is collection of items made from glass. Other attractions can we go Chongiyeon waterfalls and Teddy Bear Museum, which certainly will make us especially women do not want to leave.

Done spending time in Jeju, move towards Nami Island to see and take in natural beauty of the island feel of a regular name is beautiful and soothing. Then we can also stay overnight in Ski Resort for skiing and snow white play with friends and lovers or flings. Of course this only increased our holiday a fantastic experience.

Also take a moment to vent his joy at the largest outdoor playground in South Korea, the Everland. Playground is popular with tourist, both children and the elderly, as well as adult ones. As for shopping enthusiasts, take your time to explore the bleak Shinchon Shopping street, ginseng outlet, amethyst Showcase, Cosmetic Shop, and Donghwa Duty Free, and prepare a budget surplus.

Well, no need to wait any longer. Hurry prepare for a vacation in a beautiful Christmas and the end of the year may end tomorrow we cant not pass, with unique experiences and certainly not boring. Let us forget the shackles of routine and Let’s Get Lost!

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