Friday, January 8, 2016

Come to the land of the happy

Original text by Rose Kusuma, adapted again by Darmansjah

When set foot in Sweden. In early September, the country was being showered with praise. He was named as one of the five countries with the happiest people in the world together with Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Report of Columbia University's Earth Institute puts Denmark and Sweden at number five on the survey in 156 countries. Measure of happiness on the basis of wealth, income, health insurance, free of corruption, and free to make life choices.

Residents Sweden, Sanna Lindberg-who was head of human resources Hennes & Mauritz AB-predicate does not agree with the order number five. "How can Denmark in the first place? We are happier, "he said while welcoming the few journalists from Indonesia.

His colleague, Hacan Andersson, replied jokingly. "Danes too much to drink. Maybe we need to drink more to get in the first place. Ha-ha-ha, "said Andersson.

Been to Stockholm, the Swedish capital, towards the end of autumn seems to be the perfect time to examine the Swedes style happiness. Cafes and restaurants overlooking the crowded park residents who want to enjoy the abundance of sunshine before winter.

When travelers from Indonesia busy looking teduhan seating under the trees, m Stockholm residents linger at the sun while drinking a glass of beer. Relax in the open air feels so comfortable because the air is so clean city.

"Fall has always been my favorite. Winter can be minus 20 degrees Celcius, sometimes feels like winter will never end. That's why we a lot of traveling to a warmer place, "said Emily citizens of Stockholm.

The summer sun in Sweden was never feels hot. Maximum temperature of at most 25 degrees Celsius. Not surprisingly, the sun came and went towards justice sometimes closed so cloudy that residents hunted in the fall. Various activities such as meetings deliberately moved out of the room every time the sun shines warm.


Enjoy the sunshine in the park or while walking a priceless luxury. It only took ten minutes for Emily to walk from his apartment to the workplace. "Our population is only 9 million people. Walk everywhere so easily, "he added.

If you do not want to walk, public transport such as trams or buses a convenient option. Traffic in the most populous city in Sweden it never jammed. Private cars are only one or two passes highway.

Lindberg said that happiness Swedes may seem obvious from the inherent friendliness and a smile on their face. Swedish-style hospitality, among others, we gulp when meeting with Andreas Lowenstam, head menswear designer H & M.

To tell how he gained inspiration in the work, many men who collaborated with the Hollywood actress took a walk around the neighborhood enjoying the comfort of his apartment in the Lord Nelson, Stockholm.

If enough time, Lowenstam usual 30-minute walk to his office. This time, he walked from his apartment that former schoolhouse into a magazine store that sells a variety of fashion magazines. From the small kiosk, he then visited Herr Judit Store, a store that sells clothing accessories, to jewelry fashioned American way.

That afternoon, we met with movie stars from Sweden, Michael Nyqvist, who plays Kurt Hendricks in the film Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol. Nyqvist walk without escort. In the other corner also looks younger brother of the king of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf, was walking leisurely in a city park alone.

Along the way, a lot of fathers and mothers caring for their children in the park while sunbathing. Parents in Sweden turns off to keep their children. The Swedish government granted permission to leave parenting children aged 1.5 years.

Museum of Contemporary

In addition to enjoying a drink in the sunshine outdoors, Swedes have plenty of space for recreation in the city. One way is to visit the museum. In Stockholm alone there are 87 museums.

One of Lowenstam favorite museum is the Museum Fotografiska. The Museum exhibits the works of contemporary photography. Each year, the museum held a major exhibition of four young 15-20 exhibition museum in the building which has been built since 1906. Museum visitors are always lined up for the work presented is always new. This time, Fotografiska Museum displaying the works of photographer Helmut Newton (1920-2004), Pieter Hugo, and Marcus Bleasdale.

Newton is also known as the naked photographer, for example, turn on than a fashion photo fashion picture a human image. Fashion is not just lie in the details of clothes, but also the expression of up to bitterness.

Some of the works on display in the nude photo Fotografiska Museum. Some of his works, like the photo of the woman who wears saddle on his back, quite controversial. Black and white photographs titled Saddle I numbered 1976 was considered degrading to women.

Contemporary museum with other flavors that are not less interesting is the ABBA The Museum. Visit this museum as memories turn to famous Swedish band, ABBA. Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, Anni-Frid and presented back to the fans in this museum.

Featured ABBA songs, such as "DancingQueen", "Knowing Me Knowing You", and "Mamma Mia" is played all over the room. Visitors can also sing with hologram facility as the fifth member of ABBA. Singing with ABBA members are deliberately recorded and can be downloaded by visitors online from the museum website.

Visitors from all over the world flock and are satisfied with the memories of ABBA treats. "Thank you for the music that always brings an amazing feeling," said O'Connoer of Sydney, Australia.

It is also an amazing feeling to take home as a memory of the land of happy people from the northern hemisphere. Sweden, close to the North Pole, but smiles warmly by residents.

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