Monday, April 4, 2016

At the end of the village hall

Seemed to want to buy up all the skill of the craftsmen produced manuscripts and authors in the village of Tenganan, Bali. Original text by Titania Febrianti, executive summary by darmansjah, picture adapted from google.

White clouds in blue sky umbrella stretch Tenganan village, in Karangasem regency, Bali. The hills of lush trees as protection from turnaround time. Chiming gamelan faint in the distance, calling us to go further into the heart of the village. After passing through the gate divider dimensions like time with Balinese modern, wooden tables lined legged slender blue-clothed welcome. Penmanship residents brown dried palm leaves arranged beautifully into dating with streaks god pictures, wall hangings decorated with a map of Bali.

I Nyoman Kanta, the author papyrus, bookmarks scratched way flaunt gods. Once I choose a, she scrawled script Bali  by pengutik, sharp-tipped pen. Small piece of roasted pecan rub on it then wiped with a thumb. Scars my name being real black ink filled hazelnut.

One of the houses lined up neatly on the edge of a rocky road white, walls made ​​of black stone, as if locked building makes grim. Various craft crammed every corner of the empire. Ni Wayan Sudiati and her mother greeted with a smile, to the deepest end, a loom and woven fabric cross hanging on the wall. Equipment was like waking from a dream as he demonstrates the stages of manufacture, from binding, dyeing yarn to achieve the unification of motives.

Towards the center of the village, craft vendors tables eggs, small sculpture, masks, carvings hiding compound wall facing the street, tempting tourists. Green trees on the hills even clearer when jokes and laughter in a court of whack ear. Residents are preparing quarterly ceremony for a child. Some middle-aged mothers cultivate vegetables on a large table, while the young people hanging out watching it.

My gaze fell on the matting of the roots were lying on the bed, bathed in the rays of the sun. Towering around it and enter the door, I was greeted knick-knacks, totes diverse, large wicker baskets to place dirty clothes upheld upper shelf, made ​​my chestnut bring pickups bought trinkets that can enhance your home.

Tenganan village increasingly lonely as the sun slowly through deserted when the sun slowly past the point of culmination in the sky. Doors here with its own uniqueness is always open to travelers, winds of life for the citizens who live simply of the skills and the art that they have dropped down.

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