Thursday, April 21, 2016


With Tim Medvetz, Host of NAT GEO Wild’s  “Going Wild” and Kris Hartman at Mt. St. Helen’s  National Park

Executive summary by darmansjah

When Tim Medvetz shattered his boy and cracked his skull in a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2001, he was not expected to walk again. A year later, he was climbing Mt. Everest.

Now, on “Going Wild,” Tim is taking everyday Americans on a rigorous journey, transporting the mto places others can only dream of reaching where they can explore the wonders of the world-and rediscover themselves. In this episode, we meet Kris Hartman, who’s been dealing with the death of his sister seven years ago by immersing himself in his job and nightly Tv-Watching binges. His wife worries that’he’s missing out on his son’s childhood.

“He needs a wake-up call-a little dose of Mother Nature,” says tim. Together, they’ll take a treacherous three-day journey up the summit of Mt. St. Helen’s, an 8,300-foot active volcano in Washington State. Its snowy peaks and dense forests are teeming with dangerous wildlife, including cougars, elk, and bears. Tim knows this deadly environment is just the place to kick Kris into gear.

“I’m going to put you through hell,” Tim tells him-and does. Will Kris reach the peak-and muster the courage to dig deep within and find the strength to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST?

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