Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gateway Into the Wild

Executive summary by darmansjah

BALI safari and marine park is the home to hundreds of amazing animals which represent more than 50 species, including several which are rare and endangered. Uniquely combining Balinese cultural ambience with the African Savannah, Bali safari and Marine Park present exhibits featuring Sumatran elephants, Sumatran Tigers, Leopards, Komodo Dragons and Cheetahs. These are just some of the fascinating creatures that can be encountered during your exhilarating visit to the Bali Safari and Marine park.

Fulfilling our mission conservation, education and recreation, our enthralling Elephant Show is devoted to animals involved in conservation and education projects. There’s also loads of excitement to be enjoyed when riding the elephants on our Elephant Back Safari around the African Savannah, where you get to see your favorite animals up close and in person!

Safari Goes to School – Education can be carried out using a variety of methods and locations. This is the slogan of Bali Safari & marine Park, to make sure that conservation messages can reach throughout the whole island of Bali. To do so, Bali Safari & Marine Park is keen to bring a mixture of animals and plants from Bali Safari & Marine Park’s collection to school classes for an up-close encounter with nature. Safari Goes to school is one of Bali Safari & Marine Park’s programmes with the purpose to invite students to know wildlife closer and learn about conservation at an early age.

Conservation of the Bali Mynah as the part of the progamme of releasing 48 Curig Bali (Bali Mynah which began at Bali Barat National Park in December 2007, on September 8-11 a monitoring project was undertaken in TNBB. From the result of the observation, some pairs of Curig Bali had laid eggs and hatched their chicks outside the conservation area.

Bali Safari & Marine Park opened the Safari Poo Paper Factory on the 5th of November 2011. It is the very first Poo Paper Factory in Indonesia and it is located right inside the park. Bali Safari Poo Paper Factory will turn specially selected animal poo, into beautiful organic handmade paper that will be used for a unique range of gifts and souvenirs with part of the profits going towards animal conservation Indonesia.

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