Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jindo Island, South Korea

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Jindo Island is located in southeast corner of the Korean peninsula and is South Korea’s third largest island. The island’s quaint seaside town of Jeollanam-do Province attracts thousands of visitors between March and June who come to witness a bizarre phenomenon. Due to tidal variations, the sea between Jindo and the nearby island mysteriously parts for an hour or so, forming a path on which throngs of locals and tourists take the opportunity to stroll and collect abalone, fresh seaweeds and aother underwater treasures along the way. Other traditional celebrations that take place during this so-named “Moses Miracle” festival are Jindo Ssitimguta shamanistic ritual believed to purify the soul; and the performances of Jindo Bungnori, a traditional ancient rhythm played with two sticks; and Sopogeolgun Nongak, an upbeat form of farmer’s music sung by soldiers who scouted enemy camps during the Imjin War.

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