Friday, August 3, 2012

Reach For the Skies

By Anita Surewicx, executive summary by darmansjah

Tokyo – Amid an urban landscape of bristling skyscrapers, the Tokyo Sky Tree ( has no problems standing out: it soars 634 meters above the streets of the Japanese capital. Built primarily as a communications tower, Tokyo’s newest landmark is also set to become a prime tourist attraction when it opens to the public on May 22. This is, after all, the world’s second-tallest structure, bested only by Dubai’s 829-meter Burj Khalifa. And while vertigo junkies won’t be able to ascend the tower’s crown, the 360-degree views o the Tokyo skyline and Mount Fuji from its two observation decks (one at 350 meters, housing a restaurant, café and shop; the other at 450 meters, featuring an outer glass walkway) should offer more than enough thrills. More down-to-earth attractions await in the miniature ‘town’ at the foot of the tower, including three plazas, an aquarium, and theater.

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