Sunday, August 12, 2012

Destinations Unique Blend of History and Natural

Executive summary by darmansjah

RUSSIA is a superpower that is still quite a strong influence in the world. This exotic country is loaded with stories of history and architecture of the stately old buildings and Antic past under communist rule. One of the popular old building is the Kremlin, which serves as the state palace housing the Russian leader in power today.

You want to shop, to visit the shopping center Kataigorod around Red Square. Meanwhile, the ground-story red stone is a town square as a focal point of Moscow residents, including ceremonies, carnival, or simply the activity of people who gather to enjoy the views of the city.

Another unique building near Red Square is the Cathedral of Saint Basil, a church that has a conical roof and lots of colorful domes. Dome-like stupa of Borobudur temple dome. A few blocks from the Kremlin, there is the Cathedral of Christ The Savior, Moscow city pride an old church.

As a country which is currently with the historical, historical tours to Russia is incomplete if it does not trace the Leningrad (St. Petersburg) who has a palace of Peterhof, also known as the Palace of Petrodvorets. Because of its size special and magnificent palace built by Emperor Peter is also dubbed as The Grand Palace.

Scandinavian Peninsula region

Your trip does not stop. Getaway to the west of Norway. Nordic countries on the Scandinavian peninsula exposes the hilly landscape Sognefjord with a very beautiful green. You cant enjoy breathtaking views and explore the hills by train.

While in Oslo, there is Vigeland Sculpture Park, a park featuring statues of naked. The main part of this park is the Monolith Plateau, located in the middle of the park can be reached by climbing some stairs. This is where you can see the whole park has an area of ​​approximately 80 acres with 212 statues made of bronze and granite.

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