Friday, August 17, 2012

Havana, Cuba

Original Text by Victoria Burnett, executive summary by darmansjah

Obama  regime has loosened of human traffic between the United States and Cuba. Excess of the policy is the emergence of tour operators who sell package tours to Cuba, including the National Geographic Expeditions, Austin-Lehman, and the Center for Studies Cubban. Cities in the United States responded by increasing the frequency of flights to Cuba. Fort Lauderdale and Tampa just follow in trace New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. This year, Chichago will complete the list. Restaurant and lodging type bed & breakfast also mushroomed in recent years, especially after the Cuban government to be more friendly to private investment. Welcome from May 11 until June 11, you can watch the 11th Biennial will feature more than 100 local and international artists.

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