Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Know National Park in Victoria, Australia

Executive summary by darmansjah

The State of Victoria not only has Melbourne, one of the city's dream world, or the Yarra Valley which over the last few decades the world's best wine producing variety. This area also has several national parks that each offer their own uniqueness and beauty.


National park with an area of ​​646 000 hectares is the largest in Victoria and protect the highest mountains in the nation (including Mount Bogong and Mount Feathertop) and the surrounding alpine environment.

 Mount Feathertop

Mount Bogong 
A vast expanse of snow is the main attraction in the winter, while in the warmer months this park features a number of beautiful wild plants. Alpine National Park is home to more than 1,100 native plant species - 12 of them, including lectures silky daisy and Bogong disy bush, not found anywhere in the world. In the park there are also mountain pygmy-possum is rare, the only alpine marsupial in the world.

silky daisy

Bogong disy bush

Dandenong Ranges NATIONAL PARK

With an area of ​​3215 hectares, the park on the outskirts of Melbourne has played a vital role in protecting Australia's native bird populations, including species of lyrebirds. Many tourists are interested in some of the existing attractions such as the thousand steps in Ferntree Gully - hundreds of steps that leads along the 2.5 kilometer from One Tree Hill or see the sights from the top of the mountain at Mount Dandenong Observatory. Puffing Billy steam train will take you past the Dandenong Ranges area of ​​mountains and enjoy the stunning scenery around. On one of its slopes there are cuckoo, a restaurant with a chalet building.


Carved by natural forces over millions of years, part of the Victorian coastline has ocean, island, Blowhole, and amazing natural rock formations. Pot Campbell National Park also has the most important area for a number of native flora and fauna of Australia. Known as Shipwreak Coast, a popular tourist attraction that you can see the Twelve Apostles, London Arch (London Bridge), Loch Ard Gorge, Gibson Steps, and the Grotto. Enjoy views of the Twelve Apostles at sunset for a spectacular panorama.

Murray Sunset National Park

For those of you who are interested in exploring the desert, visit the second largest national park in the State of Victoria this. Wide-open scenery, stunning sunsets and starry night, the park offers so much charm that you will need more than one day to explore it. In the spring, four lakes in the park-Becking, Crosbie, Kenyon, and Hardy was miraculously changed color to pink. This park is one of the most remote in Victoria. If you eager to visit there, and mentally prepare yourself well.

becking lake

crosbie lake

kenyon lake

hardy lake


The park is included in the Australian National Heritage listing has the only natural habitat in the Little River Gorge last for brush-tailed rock wallaby. Number for this species is very little, and it is difficult to verify because the terrain is tough acurately. More than 250 native species of Australia are in national parks - 29 of which are considered rare or endangered in Victoria, including the long-footed potoroo, tiger quoll, Giant Burrowing frog, and eastern she-oak skink. In addition to visiting a litte River Gorge - the deepest gorge in Victoria with a depth of about 600 meters.


With superb views, diverse vegetation that provide shades of green, as well as wildlife and the rock formations, the park at the southernmost point of mainland Australia is one of the most amazing places on the continent of Australia. Interestingly, this national park has many trails and beaches most of which can be accessed only by foot. In addition to climbing Mount Oberon to see Wilsons Promontory the sights from above. 

Wilson's Promontory National Park is very popular among local residents, chiefly diving Christmas and New Year holidays.


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