Saturday, September 1, 2012

Porto Venere, Italy

Text by Ingrid K.Williams, executive summary darmansjah

In late October, landslides and floods caused by heavy rain crushed Monterosso and Vernazza, two villages located in  Cinque Terre, northwest Italy. Although this area has been improved gradually, traveler wishing to visit Cinque Terre this year should choose
Porto Venere, a village on the south side of Cinque Terre, which has been rarely glimpsed by tourists.

Like its neighbor, Porto Venere has a slick panorama: pastel-colored houses, row boat at the dock, and a series of hiking trails. The difference is minimal tourist spot. Two objects is the flagship 13-century-old church and the Gulf of La Spezia that her beauty had inspired poets like Byron and DHLawrence Lordy.

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