Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid-year vacation to Bali Fun

Until recently, Bali is still the target of many tourists. Understandably, this island is one that is able to store magical power to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists.

So do not be surprised if every corner of Bali was always filled with tourists and merriment that seemed endless. From the start of various kinds of entertainment that inspires Kecak, Barong Dance, until the ritual cremation, it presents a unique and extraordinary appeal.

Speaking of unique, Bali was always able to present something different and unique when compared to other places in the archipelago. Starting from the beach to the glittering nightlife was nothing presents a different and very unique. Similarly, a variety of accommodation in Bali. Many places that serve the unique interior and exterior that can not be found outside the island of Bali.

Some time ago, The Personal Memory (TPM) Hospitality announced the opening of the concept interior and friendly staff to pamper visitors. While many hotels offer bargain prices, The Spot offers something different. Not a budget hotel, nor a luxury hotel, but the inn with class and uniqueness.

Each room at The Spot has its own theme inspired by public figures, artists, food, or phenomena that are second to none, which is also under the spotlight of the world. Each of the rooms, of which there are a total of 21 rooms, has its own theme, such as Audrey Hepburn, Beatles, Disney, Einstein, Friends, Garfield, The Queen, Historian, James Bond, Kennedy, and others.

The Spot will surely also many other hotels in Bali who can inspire those who spirited fun. Enjoy a Balinese spa treatments are also well-known in foreign countries. Holiday fun in the middle of the year is certainly not just to refresh your spirit that has been saturated with routine activities, but also refresh the tired condition of the body to re-fit and ready to take the move. Congratulations on vacation.

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