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Summer? Let's Vacation to Europe

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Mid-year vacation fill it right if spent exploring the cities on the Continent. About a month from July to August, Europe is the summer. With the air temperature is not much different from Thailand. And you need not bother setting up heavy clothing for a tour. In the summer, you and your friends or family can be more free to visit the beautiful corners of Europe countries without covered with snow.

 castle of alcazar

For example, when you visit Spain. Country ever to host the 1992 Olympic Games has a variety of unique heritage buildings. In Segovia, you can find the Castle of Alcazar and the Aquaduct. Aquaduct is the legacy of the ancient Romans 2,000 years old is amazing and still standing strong.


In Madrid, you can visit the statue of Cibeles, Puerta Del Sol, Plaza Espana, and Mounumen Cervantes. Beautiful views of the building you will get when road along Paseo De Garcia. This area is touted as the Spanish elite are decorated with unique works of Antonio Gaudi buildings, such as Casa Mila and Casa Batlo. There is also a unique Sagrada Familia Cathedral is known for its development until now has not been completed. As a final adventure in Spain, go to San Sebastian. San Sebastian is a coastal bay with white sand and dazzling blue sea.

 statute of cibeles

puerta del sol

plaza de espana

monumento a miguel de cervante

paseo de garcia

casa mila

casa de batlo

sagrada familia cathedral

san sebastian

Other attractive country in Europe is Italy. Milan is a city in Italy is touted as a cosmopolitan city as well as the world's fashion centers. Here you will also find a stylish gothic Duomo cathedral. You can enjoy spectacular views in Italy when climbing Mt Titlis by cable car. From a height of 3020 meters above sea level, the curve of panoramic Italy lay in front of you. Other destinations that may be missed is the Lion Monument, Old City, Chapel Bridge, City of Venice (venesia), St. Mark's Square and Cathedral, Bridge of Sigh, and the Doge's Palace.

duomo cathedral 

mt titlis

 lion monument 

old city 

chapel bridge

 city of venice

 st.mark's square 

doge's palace

Out of whether the tour to visit Italy? Not really. There is still St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, Roman Forum, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, and Victor Emmanuel II Monument.

st peter's basilica
roman forum
trevi fountain
piazza venezia
victor emmanuel II monument 
Let's move to the Netherlands. When step leg in Amsterdam, you need to visit Dam Square, City Center, diamond factory, and proceed along the canals with the awesome. Meanwhile, in the fishing town of Volendam, you can take pictures with a traditional Dutch dress-the one thing that should never be forgotten. In addition, you must visit the city of Venlo. Here, you will see flowers and horticultural exhibits from around the world, held every 10 years. This event is called Floriade and held on 5 April-October 7, 2012.

dam square

city center

diamond factory

the canals

city of Venlo 

If speaking tour in Europe, of course France should not be overlooked. A line of beautiful and attractive destinations in France. Champs Elysees avenue, Place de la concorde square, Eiffel Tower, montrparnasse tower, arc the Triomphe, des invalids, museum Militaire, petite palais, grand palais, pont st Alexander II and  StMagdalena, and the Lido cabaret show, is the number of tours that you can enjoy in the country that is famous world fashion center. Another visit EuroDisney targets located outside the city of paris. Here, you can try out rides pirates of caribean, Indian jones, space mountain, it's a small world, and so while you can.

champs elysees avenue

place de la concorde square

eiffel tower

montrparnasse tower

arc the triomphe

des invalids

museum militaire

petite palais

grand palais

pont alexandre III

lido cabaret shor

euro disney


As long as in Europe, this time you try to feel the sensation of technological sophistication. You can ride the Eurostar, the train has a fast underwater speed of up to 300 km / h. With Eurostar, and can cross the English Channel and into London from the Netherlands. Up in London, visit big ben, tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussaud's wax museum.


english channel

big ben

tower of london

buckingham palace

madame tussau's wax museum 

Another interesting countries in Europe are Austria and Monaco. Maybe you've heard of Swarovski crystals are often embedded Indonesia famous fashion designers in their work every dress. In Austria, you can directly visit the Swarovski Crystal factory and shop there. Another in Monaco. Destinations most interesting here is the Palace of Prince Rainer II and Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a medieval town surrounded by a fortress. Interestingly, here stands the castle of Carcassonne still well groomed.

swarosvski crystal factory

palace of prince rainer II

 castle of carcassonne 

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