Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Variety Enchantment of Sakura

Executive summary by darmansjah

Countries in the region of East Aisa has a number of exciting theme park. Call it in between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.

Disneyland is an amusement park are attractive to children and adults. You will get an unforgettable experience by trying a variety of games, pirates of the caribean bleak, haunted mansion, star tour, space mountain, and micro adventure. Meanwhile, Disney sea is the latest attractions from Disney World. Try to play with a number of rides, one of which is journey to the center of the earth.

Not only Tokyo amusement park that has a dream for the baby, but also other areas. Continue the journey to Osaka to spend time together at Universal Studios. Various performances such as the jaws, water world, Jurassic Park, and back to nature would be a nice spectacle for your family.

The attraction of Sakura is never-ending.
Although it was hit by tsunami disturbance that resulted in a number of nuclear energy generation facilities some time ago. Japan was able to recover the infrastructure fast enough. "During this year, the number of tourists who book a package trip to Japan has increased by 20 percent," said Team Leader Asia Tour.

Enchantment of Nature and History

Most of the islands in Japan has mountains and some of them are volcano mountain. Japan's highest mountain is Mount Fuji (3.776m) which is also a volcano. If weather conditions allow, you will be escorted by a tour bus to see its beauty.

Mountain, located near the Pacific coast of the island is also surrounded by Honsu five lakes, namely Kawaguchi, Yamanaka, Sai, Motosu, and Shoji. Local people make this mountain as a symbol of Japan that is often depicted in artwork and photographs.

Other charm lies in the historical sights. The number of Japan's historical value is not only reflected in a number of temples are scattered in several areas. To investigate further, up to Shirakawago wander World Herritage. There are 110 traditional house roof with a model like praying hands (gasho).

Shopping Tour

In addition to exploring the tourism potential of the state manifold Sunrise, you can also visit a number of shopping centers. Not just as satisfying a desire to shop alone, but also to choose a unique gift as a trip recorder.

In Kawguchi, there Gotemba Factory Outlet provides top brand goods from the United States. Meanwhile, Tokyo has a shopping tour that is not less complete, the Ginza Shopping Area. Although the goods are sold at high prices, tourists still make it a favorite shopping area. In the same area, coming to a special Naka Market Mishe hawking souvenirs and unique clothing from Japan.

By traveling to Japan, we can adopt the habits of the locals, one of which is in line culture. In addition, a low crime rate was so comfortable to be a vacation for your family, so the more enjoyable moments of the holidays, immediately contact your tour operator or travel agent is present in approximately nearest your place.

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