Saturday, May 4, 2013

Public Transportation Hongkong

Text by Dahlia Irawati, executive summary by darmansjah

Down the Hongkong,
 last September, it was never bored. Orderly streets without police guard while pocketing the ticket. There are no stories of speeding and overtaking lane irregular. All the riders on the track consistently used since the beginning, and there is no driver ran a red light, even very obedient with incidental signs 'stop and go' who held officers roadworks.

Interestingly, on the streets of Hong Kong are not always concrete wide (and even many of them small alley), all in an orderly manner so that transport can no severe congestion that could take many hours on the road. The whole mode of transportation in tandem without fear of losing passengers. Public transport, such as trams, buses, minibuses and taxis, to get through the same pathway, and all have their own passengers.

"Trams and buses together through the same pathway. The evidence is equally no passengers, tuh, "piped up one among our group, last week.

Intrigued by public transport Hongkong, we finally tried to climb the storied city bus with the roof open or there called a sightseeing bus. There are two route metropolis. That heritage routes and routes metropolis. Heritage routes across the outposts tend to Hong Kong, while the other route through the urban area of ​​the concrete country.

We also chose a heritage route because I wanted to see the life in lurar glitzy urban Hong Kong. Ticket prices pegged to 50 Hong Kong dollars or approximately USD6.5 way.

Mungking cursory look expensive. However, as a tourist, ride public transit option is much cheaper than taking a bus tour is similar to almost the same route, but in the stakes for 350 Hong Kong dollars or approximately USD44.5 way.

Departing from the Central (Star Ferry), bus without a roof-so that we can freely enjoy a brisk walk slowly across the Hong Kong-a number of locations, such as regional Western Market, Queen Street, Man Mo Temple, Old Central Police Station, Dr. Sut Yat Sen Museum , Macau Ferry, and back to Central.

Who knows how many bus mileage, but travel time approximately 50 minutes. During that time, we were indeed treated routes over the city, from across the high-rise buildings to comb such a narrow street alley (approximately 4 meters) in the densely populated.

However, once again interestingly there is no jam though narrow road taken. Several times we passed with public city bus and tram passengers similarly.

"Maybe that's why all kinds of different routes of public transport can walk and there is always demand. Perhaps the transportation system is very good and comprehensive, "we went back out through the awe-babble babble light.

Travel Options

Decker bus with open roof is pulled again and not just be a tourist option, but also a choice of local communities to take her to the destination. Several times the bus drop off passengers along the way. Not a few travelers choose to enjoy "general tour" was to return to the post of departure. Apparently, public transportation can be a mode of transportation home travel conditions are suitable.

However, do not imagine the condition rundown bus with seats that started torn and broken glass, as we find in the modes of transportation in Indonesia. Bus is very clean, odorless, clear and safe. Not found casually smoking passengers regardless of other passengers.

Buses depart from the post departure starting at 10:00 to 17:30 local time. No need to worry about missing the bus as public transport departs every 30 minutes.

Our admiration was continued to another day when we try to one of the tourist attractions there, namely The Peak or Victoria Peak, using the tram.

By paying more for less 35HKD, we can enjoy the thrill of riding tram slant routes with up to 50 towards tourist (tram prices and bus into the path of travel is more expensive than the price of a tram general one-way price of just 2-3HKD).

Trams are already operates more than 120 years it was capable of carrying about 30 passengers at a speed of 40 km per hour. Public transport time was very decent condition. Clean, no smoking passengers home, safe, neat seat, and the paint was new. Very comfortable.

Just 15 minutes away, arrived at the destination, the Victoria Peak. Here we can see Hong Kong from a height of 396 meters above sea level. In the sights that have been developed since the 1960's, we can enjoy the Madame Tussauds wax museum. Here visitors can see wax statues and the idol world leaders, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Tom Cruise, and Piere Brosman.

Ah, even if brief, experience of enjoying public transportation in Hong Kong does not disappoint. Passengers are pampered with a very comfortable bus. One lesson, public transport can be a tourist transport and vice versa. Hongkong teach, mass transit should not ragged ..... (HDG).


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