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A Day In Old City

Executive summary by Darmansjah

The old city
of a country is always fascinating because there is a history that traces sometimes older than the medieval. It is a marker traces the rise and fall of a civilization, including the death of human rationality by Maria Hartiningsih.

Not surprisingly, the old cities in Poland that had been destroyed during World War II reorganized according to the model and its original architecture, such as Warsaw. However, the old town in Krakow-polish capital some 500 years ago, the center of Poland's political life began in 1038, is a witness to history who did not move in the fluctuations of fortune for centuries, with several times the restoration and renovation.

Today, Old Town Krakow grew more alluring and promising prosperity. Tourism played a crucial role in the city who primp after the communist regime collapsed. With more than 6 million tourists per year, Krakow became the most popular tourist destinations in Poland.

Our hotel is not far from the Old City, in the local language is called Stare Miasto, which attracted tourists from all over the world. Perhaps the term 'world heritage' has been too widely used, but that is what is really offered by the Old Town of Krakow.

The history of the city is characterized by approximately 6,000 historic sites and over two million works of art in Krakow. This is the area that records a variety of wealth historical world architecture, including buildings with architectural renaissance, baroque, and gothic. Old Town historic church building is surrounded by a variety of sizes, which account for about 30unit. All that makes us forget for a moment of modernity.

Center of medieval architecture in the Old City is one of 13 places in Poland are included as cultural heritage by the Organization for Education, Science, and Culture of the United Nations (UNESCO).

Time Immovable

When set foot into the main square, cool air greeted. Air with oxygen levels that can be ascertained approaching eight, the highest levels, make breathing feels very light and the body feels fresh despite recently arrived from the flight 15 hours. The temperature is 15-20 degrees Celsius with a sun that its rays wash the trees with leaves begin to change color.

Standing up in the middle of the square measuring 200 feet x 200 feet, the eyes scooped up all the amazing scenery around It was like being swung from the past into the present and vice-versa, but we still stand in the same place and record the excitement of visitors who enjoy the sunny air, a day ahead of the autumn.

Miraculously, in a scene memory converge mas present, such as making time to stop. The atmosphere is bewitching and confiscated all our attention, let go of whatever encumbrance.

We can walk leisurely, eating bagels, snacks are a symbol of Krakow, horse-drawn carriage ride around or near a collection of pigeons, also a typical view of Old Town, and gave him a crumb cakes.

City Hall tower in the main square of Old Town Krakow, Poland

Krakow typical souvenirs sold in the ranks of the stalls that are part of the 16th century building, reminiscent of the covered bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, but only with a single aisle. Said one seller, Old Town is always alive and bustling throughout the year, throughout the season, making the economy of the people running very well.
Souvenirs of the old town of Krakow

The painters and artists selling work in the spring and summer. However, we can see some of the galleries that sell works of quality, in addition to the art museum visitors are waiting to free his imagination.

Along the contours of the Old Town

Outlets that sell flowers gathered at the corner of the square, while the souvenir outlets scattered around the edge. Singers and mime the action is found everywhere, including the Gypsies who offer expertise predict.

In the middle of the square there is a statue of the Mermaid of Warsaw. The Mermaid of Warsaw, female half-fish-shaped body made of tin. The statue is a symbol of Warsaw was created by leading sculptors, Konstanty Hegel, in 1855.

Ah, it turns out the main square or Ryneg Glowny in local languages, which built in 1257 by Prince Boleslav V, is the center of Old Town, into the mouth of all the main roads of the city. In medieval times, said square is the largest in Europe.

Beautiful and

Old Town area is surrounded by Planty, the park forest with trees that are not too dense, once a marker of the trench wall Old City. Wavel fortified hill that extends south of Old Town River Viatula shadowing and become an integral part of this district. Royal castle and cathedral that was once the place of the ceremony the king took the throne and buried when he died supposedly a beautiful castle in Central Europe. It is said that this is worth the Hradcany castle in Prague.

The walled Old City of defense since the beginning of the 14th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, the fort has 47 towers with seven entrances. The remains of St.Florian Gate among other relics is adjacent to the three towers, showing the robustness of the wall.
Basilica of St. Mary, landmarks main square

Paying valuable buildings on the square is the Basilica of St. Mary by gothic architecture that has a unique monument, an altar-coated wood panels from the 15th century's leading sculptors, Velt Stoss.

Welcome autumn afternoon in the main square

Not much more can be seen for a limited time. However, the Old City of Krakow has been filling the empty space by the memories of old cities in Indonesia are destroyed because of this people are reluctant to remember its history!

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