Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Other Side of Brazil

executive summary by Darmansjah

Brazil is one country with the largest and most densely populated area in South America. The name of the country were taken from the name of a type of local wood. As a former colony of Portugal, do not be surprised if the official language of Brazil is Portuguese. Latin Affairs was known also as the world's largest coffee producer.

Brazil including multiethnic culture. Diverse population coming originally from the area around the peninsula as well as Portuguese and African. Country famous for Samba dance that has many tourist attractions, such as O Cristo Redentor statue of Jesus as high as 30 meters located on the Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro. From the summit of Mount Corcodova clearly visible with the Rio de Janeiro's famous Copacabana Beach.

Apart from Copacabana Beach, there are also several other beaches, Ipanema and Leblon beach crate. Friendliness of local residents the city of Rio de Janeiro byang called Cairoca make the tourists feel at home for long. The city is also having two towering hill called Sugar Loaf. There is a cable car that connects the two hills. Sugar Loaf hill is the place most visited tourist after Copacabana Beach.

Turning to the south of Argentina bordering Brazil, there is the third largest waterfall in the world after Niagara Falls in Kanda and Victoria in Zimbabwe. However, if measured in terms of beauty, Iguacu Falls can be said to be the most beautiful. Waterfall is a waterfall group, amounting to 275 pieces which stretches along 2.5 kilometers, as well as mark the boundary between Brazil and Argentina.

For matters culinary, the variety of food is widely available in Salvador de Bahia, northeast Brazil. Moqueca and Vatapa are marine fish and shrimp dishes are cooked dengna Dende palm oil and coconut milk. Both dishes were cooked with spices minimalist, such as onions, garlic, ginger, chili, tomatoes, cilantro, salt, and pepper.

Brazil is also a country rich with festivals. There are a wide range of world-class festivals, like Carnival in Rio de Jainero. Carnival is an event featuring tahuanan fashion parade and arts and cultural performances on the highway. Many carnivals in different parts of the world inspired from the carnival in Rio de Jainero.

Country where the great footballer is really worth to visit. Relax on Copacabana Beach while enjoying the breeze and listen to the music of samba will make anyone complacent. Or, watching the fight capoiera the artistic and tough Jiu-Jitsu can make more adrenalin racing.

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