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Adventure Tourism Year End

Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall
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Moment of the end of it right to spend time with a vacation. For students, the end of the year is the turn of the semester, which means the holiday about a week. Similarly, the average student who also get off the turn at the end of the semester. Meanwhile, for those who are already working, on leave at the end of the year is commonplace. Spending time with family or close friends seemed even more fun.

National Palace Museum

Moreover, if the moment you take advantage of this long holiday to visit interesting places in various parts of the world. To Asia area, for example, you can visit Taiwan and South Korea. If you want to enjoy the winter atmosphere, the countries of Europe is your destination. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere with the feel of late summer, it helps you visited Australia.

Martyr Shrine

Uniquely Taiwan

Taipei 101

Visited Taiwan would not be complete if you never took time to stopover in Taipei and capture the moment in there. Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Martyr Shrine, and the Taipei 101 is mandatory in Taipei make iconic. Meanwhile, fun games for your family can enjoy in Formosan Aborigine Village and Theme Park. Why not, here visitors can enjoy the game, like the UFO Gyro Drop, Mayan Adventure Roller Coaster, The Gold Mine Adventure or Future World.


Ornate Wen Wu Temple

When visiting Ornate Wen Wu Temple, Conficius temple and the god Kwan Kong, the people of Taiwan feel the spiritual nuances here. Admiration arose when witnessing the Buddha statue as high as 25 meters in Fokuanshan, Kaohsiung.

Want a different destination in Taiwan? You can visit Hualien. Interestingly, in Hualien there is Taroko Gorges as known as the Grand Canyon of Asia. Stretches for 19 miles with hills, caves and valleys, Taroko Gorges truly spectacular natural scenery in Taiwan. Not only enjoy the natural scenery, the atmosphere was more lively night because you can watch performances of traditional dances in Hualien. Moreover, aditional with visited Su Hua beach. Travel in Taiwan this time will be more complete.

Taroko Gorge
Su Hua beach

South Korean beauty

South Korea is a favorite destination for the entire year. Summer, spring, autumn, or winter, venturing in South Korea is different from that in other states. If you are familiar taste of skiing in European countries, feel a different sensation when you tested the ski on Mount Sorak Ski Resort.

In addition, in South Korea you can visit the Apple Wine Factory. Here you can see how the manufacture of wine, wine fermentation and get one bottle of wine per person. Interesting is not it?

If you are interested in studying the culture of South Korea, this is the time you visited the Korean Food and Culture Institute to learn how to make kimchi, traditional foods of South Korea. You could also try wearing traditional dress of South Korea, the Hanbok. Do not miss also a number of castles and historic buildings in South Korea, such as Gyeongbok Palace, CheongwaDae Srangchae Blue House, and the National Folklore Museum.
Gyeongbok Palace
CheongwaDae Srangchae Blue House
National Folklore Museum.  

Before moving from South Korea, a time to yourself to shop at one of the famous shopping mall in Seoul, Dongdaemun Market or visit the Myeongdong Street, you can shop as much in these shopping centers.

Myeongdong Street
Dongdaemun Market

European Historical Hypnotize

Yes, countries in Europe is famous for the ancient buildings of high historical value. Call of Italy with its capital, namely Rome. Here are the world's largest church, St. Peter's Basilica. There are also Roman Forum, Colosseum (stadium fight gladiators in ancient Roman times), Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, Victor Emmanuel II Monument and still millions more. This historic relic is still firmly standing up to now. Italy also has one of the wonders of the world, the leaning tower of Pisa, as well as on water  unique city, Venice.

In the Netherlands, explore Dam Square, City Centre, as well as the canals in the city of Amsterdam. Or, visit the famous fishing town, the Volendam. In Volendam, and can take pictures with a traditional Dutch clothing.

Not to be outdone by Italy and the Netherlands, France also has a phenomenal number of buildings, such as the Champs Ellysees Avenue, Place De La Concorde Square, the Eiffel Tower, Level II, Arc The Trioumphe, Des Invalides, Museum Militaire, Petite Palais, Grand Palais, the Pont Alexandre III and St. Magdalene.
Champs Ellysees Avenue
 Place De La Concorde Square
the Eiffel TowerLevel II
Arc The Trioumphe
Des Invalides
Museum Militaire
Petite Palais
Grand Palais
the Pont Alexandre III
  St. Magdalene
In the meantime, if you visit London, and need to stop at Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and to St. Paul Cathedral, where you'll get to watch and quench the thirst of the grandeur architectural nuances that make you in awe.

St. Paul Cathedral

Big Ben 
Tower of London
Buckingham Palace

Summer in Australia

This country is unique. Because in the southern hemisphere, Australia get a summer around December. Premises different parts of the countries in Europe and North America are now getting winter. So, what's interesting tours in Australia? Surely beach tourism. One is the Tangalooma Resort.

At Tangalooma Resorts, you can see, touch and feed dolphins directly. Simply plunge to the beach where the water is shallow enough, the dolphins that look benign will approach you. This is rather exciting experience gained elsewhere.

However, if you want  travel experience more adrenaline, try Desert Tour and Sand tobogganing. Tangalooma natural beauty you will be able to enjoy a 4WD car or you can also try out gliding over the sand with a certain height.

gold coast

Meanwhile, on the Gold Coast, and can enjoy a cool game in the Dream World and Movie World. City of Sydney and Melbourne was no less interesting to visit. For example Federation Square, a public open space in the heart of the architectural design became an important icon for Melbourne. A number of shops, galleries, meeting rooms, up to existing restaurant offers a truly memorable experience in an area of ​​38,000 square meters and can accommodate 20,000 people at the open amphitheater.

Tourism experiences in different countries located in different parts of the continent is different. Everything presents a special attraction. In order for your trip more comfortable, you can submit all matters in a number of tourist travel agency trusted as Dwidaya Tours or you can find information on your adventure travel to the attractions you want to visit to browse the site TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.com, of course get the information you provide more information before you with your friends,


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