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Peak Challenge Freiburg

Original text by Princess Fitria, executive summary by Darmanjsah
  The Freigurger Munster, the most important historical attractions in Freiburg.

"Can!" I exclaimed confidently replied Nadja Burger jokes, fellow student who became my tandem working on research projects in Germany. Nandja, also some friends in the Interior of Germany, is often joked about some people in Indonesia who are lazy to walk, let alone up and down hundreds of steps. So when Nadja joked, "If you want, you can climb Munster. Ah, but Munster apparently too high for you, "I really felt challenged.

  fruits, fresh local production and should be enjoyed while exploring the city corner

Munster is Nadja is the Freiburger Munster, the largest church in the center of the city's history Freibur, Musnterplatz, which has a tower as high as 116 m. In the middle there is a clock tower following a large bell, Hosianna, which chimes every hour.
One of the churches in Europe that make use of gothic architecture concept has gone through 300 years over the construction period until it was incorporated in 1330. church became the center of attention of the tourists have carvings that contains scenes as written in the Bible

Freiburg im Breisgau is one of several green city in Germany. But if compared, there is no other city with a size comparable with forests, diversity of landscape, and the vineyards of Freiburg. Geographic location, sunny climate and relaxed way of life are the elements that make up the image of the city of Freiburg as a truly green.

Entering the summer, the weather in Freiburg each day can vary. From the windy cold temperature to 10 degrees Celsius heat with temperatures 29 degrees Celsius. Luckily, I can spend several weeks in Freiburg akhri without having to wear a heavy jacket and gloves every time to the outdoors. That way, I had the opportunity to enjoy this ancient city with a comfortable and convenient.

 Map the city of Freiburg

This time, with the sun shining brightly, I make up for the challenge of Nadja and friends, up the small stairs on one side of the circular tower. Ouw, it seems true what they say Nadja, Freiburger Munster too high for me-the Indonesia-an unusual and walk up and down stairs. Only half way I was just gasping for air. But I can not stop, let alone reversed, because it would close the way for others who also want to go up or down. Arriving at the top, it took me a few minutes to catch my breath and drink water, before being stunned by the views of the city spread out before me. It felt relieved, amazed, and could not believe that I-the sluggard and walk up and down stairs, it could eventually also reached the top of the tower.

 A village in Blackforest

The schwabentor, one of the gates of the city of Freiburg

There is a small room at the top of the tower that sells suvernir of postcards, paintings, books, and knick-knacks city of Freiburg. In this room as well, I have to pay one euro to be able to go upstairs, where I can take pictures more freely. Unfortunately, on that Sunday, I can not see the crowd of traditional markets around the tower, because the closed every Sunday and national holidays. In the traditional market that sells a variety of daily needs, from food, cooking, wine and beer, flowers, knick-knacks, toys young children are absorbed in congregate in cafes around Muensterplatz or around the fountain which is located on the left and right tower.


From Munsterplatz, I went on a trip to Martinstor, one of the gates of the city of Freiburg which was built in the early 13th century. I am endlessly amazed the success of Freiburg preserve historic buildings. 60 m high tower is a symbol of modernity managed to beat the world's most massive, McDonald's Restaurant famous burgers U.S. origin which is located right next to m not allowed to put a big yellow logo as usual.


Before traveling to another city gate, I saw two small children accompanied their parents were busy playing in bachle, a small ditch which became one of the landmarks of Freiburg. Located on the left and right along the central stretch as far as 15.5 km. Not a foreign landscape, especially on a sunny day, children, adolescents, and adults, using bachle to soak tired legs, or just enjoy the coolness of the water that flows from the River Dreisam.

In the past, people used bachle Freiburg as a supply of water for household, livestock, and industrial. Making bachle as landfills and manure is forbidden and may be punishable by a fine of an amount of money. The good news is more, this rule is still valid today.

Because the location is not restricted bachle anything, then not infrequently people inadvertently slip into it. Some of my friends once said, "It is said that according to legend, anyone who ever fell in bachle going to marry someone of Freiburg." I smiled at that. Myth intriguing. Believe do not believe, a woman whom I knew Indonesia came to Freiburg and inadvertently-by-drop to bachle confession, then a relationship with two men Freiburg, and married one of them. So maybe this myth proved feasible for couples who want to have European blood.

Small ditch clean water into a child's favorite place to mingle in the summer

Bachle addition, the interesting part of the street in Freiburg are stones that are used in lieu of asphalt. In front of each building, the stones are arranged to form a mosaic that represents the function of the building. the shopping center, a variety of interesting mosaics following objects sold in each store. Very simply, a case book stores will use the emblem books, shop glass eye glasses with a symbol, and so on.

  The halls of the small streets like this scattered throughout the city

From Martinstor, I moved to Schwabentor, other city gates. Two of these gates has a distinct uniqueness. Schwabentor peak consists of only one dome with a round shape like a dome of the mosque, while Martinstor domed pointed like guns hussar. I myself saw the two gate guards are like a pair of city buildings, Martinsor-the hero and heroine-the Schwabentor.


Before reaching Schwabentor, I passed Augustinerplatz, where alternate with Mediterranean atmosphere. This place is always packed with people who want to spend leisure time, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply lounging on the stairs, looking young men and women were attracted with improvised musical instruments, acrobatics, and various other attractions. One interesting thing here is encountered Saule der Toleranza, a small pillar's glow red at 11 o'clock at night. But do not rush to imagine that this pillar is the inheritance of Freiburg who came from the sky. Absolutely not, because it turns out that pillar illuminates to remind people who are still there so quiet and appreciate the people around who want to rest.


Enjoying Freiburg would not be complete if it does not visit Kanonenplatz, plateau which presents views of the city and will be tempting not to leave immediately. So I stopped at a cafe that interesting, biergarten, which is famous for its wide range of drinks and snacks typical of Germany. For beer lovers, of course, this place is heaven. Beers are served in large glasses a variety of forms, there is the towering, there is a large round denan medium height. The color of the beer also varied-bright yellow, orange, brown to blackish. Bubbles dancing in uniquely shaped glasses that tempt me to order one of them. But instead of ordering a beer, I finally ordered putensteak (turkey meat) with my favorite salad and apfleschorde (apple juice) which at first glance looks like a full beer bubbles dengna naughty. Full stomach, the liver was cheerful. I'm more excited to continue the adventure.
  visitors to observe the goods sold in traditional markets Munterplatz

"Try to climb Schlossberg," suggested Mona Arnreich, a friend of my various apartments. Literally, Schlossberg is Castle Mountain. What a great place to pamper the eyes with stunning views; whole city and surrounding Blackforest. Before reaching the summit, there is a large garden complete with benches and a patio for hanging out with friends. Some people seemed to be alone, reading a book. The sight that I rarely see in the cities in Indonesia.


My exhilaration peaked at set foot on the top of Schlossberg. I paused for a moment grasp the vastness of the horizon before I get without the hassle of a steep climb high mountains, sometimes within a civilization. Even little kids can reach the top without fatigue and out of breath.

 freiburg downtown

Freiburg actually creates a dream city for me. This green city with great success to reconcile modernity with history and natural wealth of the two elements that reinforce the identity of a city.

City of Green, City of Dreams

In my view, greenish Freiburg is not only represented by the natural wealth, but also a way of life in society. In Freiburg apply policies that make people leave the private car and choose public transportation. The success in the field of transport management, in 2007, Freiburg was awarded the Gold Star Award from Osmoses. The policy is also associated with improvements in public transport and cycling facilities, as well as restrictions on car traffic, so that a significant success in reducing the use of private cars within the city.

passive house

Some examples of these policies, among others; cars are prohibited from parking in downtown, motor vehicles may only be traveling at 30 miles per hour, and in residential areas reduced again to 15 miles per hour. Even in some districts such as Vauban, the residents must pay a parking space valued at 18,000 euros per year in the garage together.

In addition, schools, markets, places of business, shopping, and recreation areas with well distributed in each region. No wonder people prefer to use a bicycle Freiburg, tram, or on foot. And for me, walking on its own luxury-Freiburg is different in Indonesia. In Freiburg we do not have to worry about the rate of vehicles that are not friendly to pedestrians. Also not bothered by air pollution and noise that often provoke emotion.

So do not stop at the traffic policy, the number passivehouse in Freiburg also fairly high. "Basically passivehouse is the concept of energy-efficient home. If in general, homes in Germany turned heizung (space heating) during the winter, plus one month in the fall, if at passivehouse only took three months. That means 40 percent energy savings, "said Vissia Ita Yulianto friends in Freiburg. Another advantage passivehouse, doors and windows should not open if you want to get fresh air because air circulation is set centrally in Central Ventilation Unit. Passivehouse concept shows that living comfortably in the city without much to contribute to climate change was not a dream.

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