Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hotel, Sweet Hotel

Executive summary by Darmansjah

JIA, Hong Kong’s fist chic boutique hotel, targets a hip crowd who widh to find a home away from home in the city.

In the middle of the buzzing Causeway Bay shopping and entertainment district, JIA boutique hotel is a welcome oasis of calm. Drawing from its Mandarin meaning of “home”, JIA features 56 guest rooms, done up in a stylish but relaxed flavour that exudes the ambiance of an elegance abode. Created within an existing 15-year-old residential building, the guest rooms at JIA was transformed by French design guru Philippe Starck to showcase his celebrated sleek, modern desgins and handpicked chic furnishings and fittings. The interior focuses on spatial clarity, comfort and style, with ultra-modern amenities for fast-living professionals and the style-conscious traveller.

Make Yourself At Home

Reflecting JIA’s concept of ‘home’ all rooms are designed so that guests feel like they are in a residential apartment rather than a hotel. Within each of the hotel rooms, the space is clearly defined into living, dining and working areas, with the clever use of sheer curtains and seperate Arabescato cor marble-finisehed kitchen and bathroom. The kitchens are fully equpped eith tableware and cookware and boasts quality appliances like refrigerators and Smeg microwave ovens. The ultra-sleek bathroom features and luxury amenities. Top of the range audio-visual equipment include flat screen televisions, surround sound systems and DVD or VCD home theatre units, and fee broadband connectivity. 

Additional stylis facilities within th hotel include a second floor sundeck and podium for leisure travellers to chill out at, as well as fully-equipped conference room for business travellers.

Also. Slated for late September, a refurbishment at the top floor of the hotel will bring with it a new gym, reading room and meeting room.

Culinary Delight

The Drawing Room, which recently won a much-coveted Michelin star, is a chic restaurant serving authentic yet contemporary Italian cuisine. A drawing room was once a dedicated place in one’s home to receive and entertain guest in an artistic and comfortable ambience. Headed by Master Chef Roland Schuller, The Drawing Room interprest this classical concept by dishing out exceptional dishes, signature cocktails and an outstanding wine selection with affable hospitality. In line with the  artistic concept of a drawing room, the restaurant also serves as an art gallery, with stunning artworks on display that can be purchased upon request.

Home Delivery

JIA’s unique room service concept expounds on the hotel’s “staying at home’ philosophy, allwing guests to enjoy delectable local specialities in the comfort and privacy of their own room.

As all rooms havefully equipped kitchens complete with cookware and dining ware, rather than the ususl room service, the food is delivered in the room as ‘Home Delivery’, leaving guests to serve themselves as and when they wish as if they were at home.

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