Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ancient Buildings

 executive summary by Darmansjah

Other Jakarta, Other Copenhagen

Once out of the airport of Copenhagen, Soren Simonsen Langberg; Marketing Wonderful Copenhagen, immediately greeted us with smiles. Subsequently, she shared Copenhagen Card and pen and asked us to write the name on each card is Copenhagen.

After all done, we were invited to ride the metro to the center of town. "This card can be used to ride a variety of public transportation, such as metro and city buses. In addition, it could be to get into tourist attractions, such as several museums in the city, "said Soren explains the benefits of the Copenhagen Card, which costs about 100 U.S. $.

The journey from airport to the station closest to the King Arthur Hotel where we stayed about 10 minutes. However, the foot feels pretty sore to continue the journey to the hotel dating back some 130 years.

"Car prices here are quite expensive. Therefore, the general public prefer cycling or walking, "added Soren half explains why we were invited to walk to the hotel, Wednesday (5 / 10) afternoon.

Copenhagen in the cold air that was recorded around 19 degrees centigrade, we then try to get around town with a bike that lent the hotel. From the trip, we were more convinced by the statement Soren, various corners of the city is not separated from cyclists and pedestrians. Some even use a bicycle that was shaped like a wagon for the ride of their children.

"Other Jakarta, Other Copenhagen," commented one member of our party who was a visit to Copenhagen in order to try new routes Emirates, the Dubai-Copenhagen. "In Jakarta, we are witnessing '
malignant' his motorcycle, while in Copenhagen bicycle that seemed to master the streets," he continued.

Not only that, if the ancient buildings in Jakarta increasingly depleted, in Copenhagen just the opposite. Devotees of old buildings are very satisfied. The buildings erected since the 16th century still looks pretty and charming.
In addition there are a number of places to eat have a recommendation 'prestigious' Michelin (Michelin Guide). The food is not only delicious, the setting was very appealing.

Copenhagen, a small town with a population of some 1.2 million people, practically identical with the bike and ancient buildings. Very interesting!

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