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Yogyakarta Special

 sunset at parangteritis beach

Original text by Christina Wibisono, executive summary by Darmansjah

From the four regencies and one municipality that shelter under the flag of a special region of Yogyakarta, three of them, namely Bantul, Kulonprogo, and Gunungkidul, directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. Not surprisingly, DIY has a series of charming beaches in the south line. Natural beauty, compassion par inhabitants, its thick and subservience tradition, making the heart of Yogyakarta is always special.

wet rice field

When the aircraft is red and white which I was riding step on his wheels on the runway Adi Sucipto, there is a sense of peace flowed in the recesses of the heart. Countless how often I visit, almost all of them labeled a working visit. But that was then. Now there's only me, him and Yogya, free loving without a barrier of time and words. Forget Borobudur, the palace and warm for a while. Now we want to build a different trail of love, others enjoy the charm of Yogyakarta.

goa cerme

The first step towards our visit to the southern boundary, Bantul District, who twice hit by severe earthquakes in 2006 and 2010 it did not wait long to stirs. Virtually no longer visible traces of the disaster victims. Is visible is the green rice fields turn yellow and shades of natural-style children's songs Desaku (still remember his verse?) Who welcomed our trip on that sunny morning.

Located in the Village Timbulharjo, Sewon district, there Tembi Tourism Village which is the result of mutual cooperation within the Community Tembi empowerment of local residents after the earthquake (RBT) as the main attraction, there is a center for crafts around the house and lush rice fields who are ready to eliminate stress and fatigue. The architecture of the building joglo RBT consists of restaurant, lodging, museum and gallery culture. The museum introduces us to the journey of cultural artifacts along with the development of Javanese society, ranging from clothing, household items, artwork, traditional ceremonies, meals and accompanying equipment and more. While the inn is very suitable for couples who want to get closer to nature and culture. Tembi restaurant also provides a unique culinarytongseng emprit aka sparrow flavor.

kukup beach

If and are willing to give more lenient toloeransi terhadapa hygiene, it may try 'Sego Catfish Nggeneng Mbah Marto' which lies behind the ISI, not far from the complex Tembi. Even a remote location without a clue, this special grilled catfish spread reputation already up to the various regions. Apart from Mbah Marto, Bantul store dazed catfish creators Another equally commended the 'Bu is dazed Catfish' on the highway Imogiri km12, District Jetis,. Various ‘gudangan’ fresh chili paste and it is really death, not to mention the freshness dazed different gravy. It was luxurious, the price was cheap.

 imogiri tomb

After the stomach is fully charged, we continued south to Pajimatan Imogiri other names of the Tomb of the kings of Mataram (Surakarta and Yogyakarta). Historically, Sultan Agung, the powerful King of Mataram have a handful of sand from Mecca, and he threw it into the land of Java as a harbinger of the location where he was later buried. This sand fell on the land that is now known as the Tomb Imogiri. The experience of climbing the stairs to the top of the tomb is believed to be a healthy exercise of body and mind. How not, it is very rare visitor who can name the number of steps through which accurately. How abstruse control and focus the human mind, even for a simple task though. At the top, we were asked to change the traditional clothing of Mataram. ‘Beskap’ menswear is colored black or dark blue stripes, and a cloth or ‘jarik’ without clothes. As for women to wear a tank top. Motif slopes, machete or sharp weapon dagger nuanced forbidden at this location.


Pilgrimage is completed, we headed to 'Flower Pecel Turi Mrs. Wid' which is under a shady tree. The rule is clear, grab your own free will. Turi, local snacks which we rarely encounter in the city, presenting fresh crisp sensation in the mouth. Plus the peanut sauce with fresh citrus and spice scent leaves the village, we would like to add taste and add more. Even fluffier rice, different from the rice in the city. Drinking? Of course the typicalwedang uwu’ Imogiri. Uwuh which means garbage in local languages​​, refers to wood shavings cup, ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves and sugar certainly rock that gives natural sweetness. But when brewed hot water, piles of 'junk' is exactly produce beautiful pink colored liquid with a warm and alluring aroma.

Still in the same district, but the hills are different, we look Goa Cerme, Goa is known as one of the Wali Songo this monastery has a beautiful stalactite and stalagmite along 1200 meters below the ground. Be prepared to bring a change of clothes because the water levels could reach the limit of your waist.

depok beach

From Imogiri, to Clove and we headed into the beach area is famous Parangteritis. As far as the eye could see, carved solid rock strewn along the beach. Given the sun shines very hot afternoon, we hired a rickshaw horse to scour the beach. In addition Parangteritis there are sites  another name for the location of the encounter Panembahan Senopati with Nyai Loro Kidul.

samas beach

About 15 minutes from Paris, the famous name of Parangtritis, we arrived at Depok Beach is famous for its variety of snacks such as dent , marine shrimp, retreat fried, satay squid and much more. Since the stomach is full, we only drink coconut ice for thirst bidder. Not unlike the Parangteritis, Depok Beach has qualified in understanding the readiness of his guests, ranging from smooth access road, parking area, delicious food vendors and bathroom facilities and lodgings in the vicinity. From Depok, we continued to Samas Beach, which is the location of most end of the circuit in Bantul district south coast. Compared to two of his elder brother, Samas relatively quiet and rarely touched.

gelagah beach

On the way back into town, we stopped for a moment in the hamlet of twinning, Village Tamantirto, Poor District. This region is the site of Bagong Kusumadiarja Padepokan Arts (PSBK). PSBK are clear evidence exists of his strong populist culture. In it reside Gandrik Theatre, Orchestra Sintern petty, Kua Etnika and Rapper Jogja Community. The names of Butet Kartaredajsa, Djadoek Ferianto, Agus Noor and Kill The DJ is the originator of the play of local culture and meaning. Each end of the month,PSBK held a Jagongan Wagen. Jagong (an) in Javanese means chatter, the provision arena ways of thinking, feeling and force. Art is an expression language as well as character, and character is the root, and roots of a nation is the people. Not surprisingly, quite a lot of artists and cultural raktyat living in Bantul and the surrounding region.

Get off exit, we stopped into a lively Kasongan Tourism Village with crafts ceramics and pottery. The village made ​​famous by the late Sapto Hudyo is knacks lovers paradise with a unique design of export quality. Ornaments, of course adjust to market demand. Do not be surprised if you find a statue of Loro Blonyo in domestic fashion White Elephant! Living in Bantul and the surrounding region.

congot beach

Not interested in ceramics? Maybe it's time for you to immerse yourself more deeply into the end Kasongan. After passing through the deserted rice field, you will encounter a small signpost marked the Sawah. resort? Not! Be prepared to give up your heart caught the main work of Philip Iswardono. Yogya is a true son of the nation's wealth expertly cultivate herbs and natural products into a full culinary offerings surprises. No one I chose as a gift for a special dinner on the anniversary couple. With beautiful, Philip juggle his veranda to the dining room complete with a small table with tableware and tiny candles that warmed the hearts of love. Dish after dish was presented. Sweet touch of fresh carp soup unique. Following a set of green rice cakes complete with corn, beans belacan, green chilies and a bowl of chicken meat balls in a typical savory spiced coconut milk. Green rice fluffier and fragrant, it was gently stroking the tongue. Green chili chicken is a winner that night was special: tender, seasoning permeate every fiber is a special concoction that I have never felt. At the end of the evening, Philip presented cover a carang gesing, fragrant banana cake difficult forgotten. Apparently he deliberately selected the nuances of turquoise that symbolizes the sweetness of love that continues to grow in the liver.

Kulonprogo, district in western province of Yogyakarta, has at least two pretty beaches adjacent to one another, ie Glagah Beach and Congot Beach. Located 40 km southwest of the city, walked to the beach is presenting paintings of nature are so stunning. Expanse of verdant rice fields with a backdrop of mountains, interspersed with waving palm trees, truly remedy sense of vision. Condition of the road was smooth and flat, very friendly.
wanadri kusuma dragon fruit plantation

Glagah are named according to its location the village is the first goal. Laguna beach is gorgeous, complete with water tourism facilities as its appeal. When we walk on the rocks and look left and right, were two different parts of the coast. Next to the sandy brown soft black, while the neighbors covered greenish marine biota. Glagah beach directly adjacent to the dragon fruit plantation Wanadri Kusuma who was also a leading agro-tourism sites in DIY. We only got to look for a moment and catch a row of restaurants and lodging rooms lined in this agro-tourism complex. The journey from Congot beach to Glagah beach within a quarter hour to the west also provides a view that is not less beautiful. Unlike the Glagah beach which is intended for travel, Congot beach more earthy with a strong feel of fishing folk.

ngobaran beach

Teak forests and dry rocks along the road into a marker that we are entering a new district that is often associated with the image of drought and poverty, Gunung Kidul. How many know that it's hidden behind the steely determination of a hard worker who did not ashamed to do everything legal and lawful order of a hope. As far as the eye could see, not an inch of ground left blank look not explored. Evidence that people never give up on the fate of nature. That day at dusk. Still enough time to unwind at the beach Ngobaran. Unlike the southern coast line in Bantul and Kulon Progo, Ngobaran Beach is much more quiet. Yes, for me, as though Ngobaran has his own world that is untouched by his frenzied tourism and modernization of out there. Cluster of green mossy rocks and waves his white very pretty, but also indifferent and cold, as if no matter the spy who admired him. Religious aura too viscous to flow at this beach. Above, there is a building symbolic places of worship for five religions and kejawen genre. Apparently this place quite often used as the location of the monastery as well as religious contemplation for people who seek closeness with the Almighty. Ah, indeed so many paths to Himself.

ngrenehan coast

Moving five minutes to the east, we met with a close relative Ngoboran Coast, namely Ngrenean Coast. Like the younger brother, they are so similar, both in beauty and character of nature. Not much different with Ngobaran, Ngrenean was very sparsely attended, even impressed a lot more quiet and shy in the dim twilight. In fact, if you just want a little daub themselves, her beauty really make a man intoxicated.
wisma joglo jogya

Night came and we decided to stay at Wonosari, the district capital of Gunung Kidul. This absurdly surprised myself witnessed a smooth wide street which divides the city Wonosari, this sleepy border town. Wonosari have a ring road. We stay at Wisma Joglo Samiaji, a building shaped like a house joglo name. The best lodging in town, with the owner and the room rates are very friendly. The facilities were quite complete, there is a bathroom in the following hot water, cooling the room and .. free wifi!

sepanjang beach

Rest satisfied, the next morning we started the day by marketing yourself in other words visiting Wonosari’s Market in downtown. Market neat and clean, with multistory buildings and ample parking convenient. Hard to believe that we are in the district, with service standards and the availability of excellent facilities.

 baron beach

Baron beach is the first that we walk on the beach this morning, as well as the most popular beaches with natural beauty and culinary enjoyment. Reefs tough and strong. When we walked behind the cluster of rocks, there is a claear nice, where the water is bluish green, beautiful. Next is Kukup Beach. Often referred to as the coast of ornamental fish, aquarium Kukup famous for its marine life is complete. On the lip of the beach, there is a small island that reminds us of a favorite place on the island. Not far from Kukup, we met with Pantai Sepanjang. Comparing the beach before, you could say he's the most quiet, least reefs but has a uniqueness to its name, which ran along the lip of the island from west to east. Located 15 minutes from the Pantai Sepanjang is the Beach Drini, with a similar group of small coral and palm there. Get away to the southeast, ktia can find Krakal Beach. Krakal name taken from a large boulder that dominates this beach. If only these people know the beauty of the city, to be sure they will be excellent.

drini beach

The sun began to feel warm when we arrived at the beach Sundak. Coral formations here look different. Character, rose sharply to form a basin in the corner. When the waves come crashing, he's smiling welcome without fear. Surreal, maybe it's the right word to describe this one beach.

 siung beach

Have not exhausted our surprise, the next beach no less captivating, Indrayanti Coast. The first to appear here is a series of restaurants, so we thought it only sells kulineran beach alone. Makes sense really, because if we trace a series of beach Gunung Kidul  from the morning, then we will arrive at the beach Indrayanti around lunchtime. But apparently that makes special is not only a just fill the stomach contents. Classmate with a beach scene here Sundak, feast for the eyes. Amazed at the taste, the beaches along the south line is all beautiful and world-class, but each has a different character and appearance.

siung beach

There are still more beautiful, the story of our colleagues. And agree, for us personally, Siung Beach arguably been at the top of it all. If we often admire the beauty of the scenery that is printed on a postcard or a painting, well, now this is real displayed in plain sight. As if a grain of sand, branches, twigs, leaves, waves, coral, and even every pore of coral though everything was in the right place, with the right color, texture that fits, and the beauty that was almost perfect. Paved with white sand grains, on the sidelines of a ferocious rock group, our love is perfected in the surf melting the south coast.

wedi ombo beach

Already drunk beach? Oh do not! There remains one more beach is slightly far from them, ie Wedi Ombo. Wedi means sand, whereas Ombo the mean large. From the name, you can imagine the beach like what we would encounter, the journey to Wedi Ombo is the toughest route in our memories. The full climb and sharp turns and narrow streets. But on the sidelines of the teak forests bordering the road, peering piece after piece of scenery Wedi Ombo and flirty. An irresistible bait. The road turned out to culminate in the hills where we can observe the majestic Wedi Ombo it from above. Eager to taste ran to the end down there, but we must hurry to Semanu.

What's in Semanu? Pari Gogo Restaurant Upland to the west of the bridge jirak, Semanu area is the answer. Let the word 'only' brown rice and ‘Lesehan’ on a mat, a food that is secretly a first-class reputation among foodies. Without a word, brown rice and other rampe ubo of side dishes complete the word directly presented: ‘jerangan lodeh tempeh, iwak Wader’, iso chronicle (tripe cow intestine), ‘empal lemak’, ‘Godong papaya’ or papaya leaves are tender and tasty. Add the onions and chili paste sauce though more gusto. This dish is most afdol adjacent to the village brewed tea and sugar cubes.

Satiety? Save some for qualtiy snacks topnotch cavity typical Gunungkidul, namelytiwul’ andGathot’. The most appropriate place to get acquainted with the two creatures is certainlyWarung Yu Tum’. Antiquity, both of which are the food of the hard. But thanks to the tenacity of Mrs. Tumirah or abbreviated as Yu Tum, ‘gatot’ andtiwul’ meteoric rise and his reputation as far as the capital. The plume, we see that the selection of materials, processing up to package it already uses stadar tight production.

Another attraction of Yogyakarta only takes 24 hours just to tempt our hearts with the magical exoticism. Liver was spoken promise. Without the rule intends warm, palace, ‘paris’ orKaliurang’, it was more than worth it when we make the same resonance forNgoboran’, ‘Siung’, ‘Gathot’, ‘tiwul’ and their brethren in Bantul, Kulon Progo, and Gunung Kidul. The same aircraft ready for takeoff. Faint, came back again the Warriors slapstick carrying chat Mataraman in TIM at the end of March, "Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta country .. are special, special person".

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