Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yunnan Style Tourism Cultural Diversity

Original text by Aris Prasetyo, executive summary by Darmansjah

Yunnan Nationalities Village, a cultural tourism in the city of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, which offer the beauty of diversity. Various cultures of 26 ethnic groups in Yunnan packed into something unsightly.

Located 20 km from downtown Kunming, Yunnan Nationalities Village tour in almost not much different during a walk in Ancol in Jakarta. Both offer a diversity of ethnic and cultural tours. If the TMII framing ethnic diversity within a country (Indonesia), Yunnan Nationalities Village framing of cultural diversity in one province (Yunnan).

Yunnan Nationalities Village not only offers cultural tourism alone. Comfort of visitors is of considerable concern in the tourist area covering 89 hectares. Cleanliness and neatness become one of value-added tourist area was established since 1996. Grove of various tree species also increased the enjoyment of the atmosphere.

After parking the vehicle from the site, visitors were treated to a giant gate with typical Chinese architecture reads "Yunnan Nationalities Village" which of course in script china. For photography enthusiasts, from the gate alone would be very interesting to pressing the shutter of the camera. Moreover, when the bright blue sky.

Before entering the initi tourist area, visitors pass through the area that contains dozens of shops and restaurants suvernir. Various buildings with typical Chinese architecture does not make the eyes look tired. Moreover, the area was laid out in such a way and comfortable to be explored on foot. Stone tile in the region jgua looked clean and free from rubbish.
After enjoying the scenery at the store suvernir, visitors should prepare cash Setar 90 yuan or U.S. $ 14 for adults and half price for children. This location is free to enter the army, local visitors aged over 65 years, and the physically disabled.

To explore this area, visitors can do it by foot if you have enough time. If want to get around in one or two hours only, available rental bike or four-wheeled electric-powered vehicles. Lease electric vehicles per hour 80 yuan or the equivalent of U.S. $ 12 for a capacity of two passengers or four passengers. While pancal bike rental rates are half of the electric car rental.

Diversity of 26 tribes in Yunnan is packaged in the form of the name of the village by the name of each tribe. Each village is laid out cluster model. Each village consists of several houses and there is always activity in it. Activity in each village is certainly not like everyday life, but the activity associated with tourism, such as food stalls or shops suvernir.

For example, during a visit to the Hani Village or tribal Hani, we will be treated to house the indigenous tribes. Hani tribe of the house is the home stage. It contains a variety of everyday appliances that use members of the tribe, such as cooking utensils made of bamboo and pottery, or machete and spear guns typical of the tribe. at home, there are also guards who dressed kahs Hani tribe. They also function like a guide for tourists visiting the occupied it.

Each village board completed by information in Chinese and English. From that information, visitors can learn the history of each tribe in Yunnan. Although it only consists of two or three paragraphs, the information is very clear and helpful.

"Tourism has become a kind of cultural attractions that showcase the cultural richness of the Chinese. Nuance is very typical, "said Wei Zhen (30), clerk in the office manager of the Yunnan Nationalities Village, late last October.

Pamper Visitors

Yunnan Nationalities Village Manager really pay attention to the comfort factor. Average width of streets surrounding the site was about 7 meters long and roomy enough for pedestrians. Almost on every street corner in the tourist areas there are small shops selling drinks and snacks. Other public facilities such as toilets, sufficiently available.

"Management of tourism in this place is professional. All facilities are available complete needs of visitors. Cleanliness and pollution-free air into its own pleasure when visiting this place for refreshing, "said Julian Batar Saleh, tourists from Makassar.
in addition to the various facilities at the tourist sites, visitors can enjoy various kinds of Chinese cuisine. Generally, a restaurant in there selling fried noodles and beef satay. Chinese cuisine has a strong aroma. The price is still affordable, which is about 15-20 yuan or the equivalent of 2-3US $ including drinks.

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