Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome To Korea

Welcome To South Korea

seong san sun rise peak
executive summary by  darmansjah

Korea has become a popular tourist destination, including among the population of Indonesia. Approach to Korean culture through movies, serial drama, and music (K-Pop) show the huge Indonesia market potential for tourism South Korea.

 naejangsa temple

In 2010, 95 thousand citizens of Indonesia visited South Korea and Indonesia in 2011 the number of tourists is expected to increase by 16%. Tension is very large mass media on the things that smelled of Korea showed a high degree of public interest in Indonesia.

jeonju hanok village

For that welcomes Visit Korea 2010-2012, was officially established a branch office Trading Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Jakarta. A branch office is intended to facilitate community Indonesia dig up information about South Korea. There are a variety of information for tourists visiting the country in the event that served the beautiful scenery, the maintenance of tourist attractions well, either by local government, as well as public awareness of South Korea itself is famous for its discipline to maintain cleanliness and orderliness as well as bold punish severely (up to the death penalty) for corruption (other South Korean
other Indonesia) especially lawbreakers! Historic buildings are preserved very well until now that is spread in all corners of South Korea was not left dormant, where cultural and culinary diversity is also very well known among travelers of the world. For further information please contact Korea Tourism Organization, 2102 A Jakarta office suite, Wisma GKBI, Jl. General Sudirman kav. 2.8 or to the site

namiseom island

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