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The Enchanting Beijing

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Executive summary by Darmansjah


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BEIJING or used to be called Peking is the capital of China. The word "Beijing" has the meaning of the northern capital, while the "Peking" is the traditional name of China.

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As a kingdom that has a long history spanning thousands of years, there are many dynasties that ruled in China. In addition to the two names above, there are other names given by the ruling dynasty. Yanjing is merely an example, a name derived from the Zhou dynasty. The name is still used as the name of a university and became a famous local beverage brands in China.
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Beijing's climate has four seasons, namely summer, spring, autumn and winter. Lots of places can be visited there that is rich in historical values ​​and culture. The Great Wall, the wall that ever existed on the Earth's surface is built by the sweat, blood and tears of millions of people deprived of their rights by the entrepreneur. The wall is built and maintained between the 5th century and the 16th century. there are some posts that can be used to climb the Great Wall, which was renovated in part by the Chinese government so that the tourists easy reach. However, caution is still needed as up and down the stairs because the height varies.

great wall in winter

The next interesting place is the Forbidden City. This place is the last imperial palace in China. The palace has a vast 720,000 square feet and room number of 9999 rooms. Forbiden City has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1987.

There are many other attractions that can be used as a destination full of unforgettable impression as Tian An Men Square, the largest field in Beijing where Mao declared the unification of the Communist dictator of China under Communist rule until today, and it turns out this nation's economy lurched forward and make this country as a state with a deposit of assets in the state budget surplus category, and this field also like the square in Moscow. Wan Fu Jing, where along the road pavement in both the exam and right are rows of shops selling branded goods locally and internationally. There are also shopping malls like Mall of Asia such as Ya Xiu and Hong Qiao Pearl Market. The places that became a haven for the shopping enthusiast and likes to hustle.

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