Sunday, September 1, 2013


By D.M, Executive summary by Darmansjah

My first impression when looking at Caracas, Venezuela, which is bathed in sunlight is gray. Dull memorable buildings, graffiti everywhere, no new buildings. Not feel the beating of a spirit of a country whose GNI per capita is around 12,000 dollars, well above Indonesia's approximately 4,500 U.S. dollars.

But once you enter the gray, in which there is a full range of colors, there is a pulse of life that expresses the spirit of its people for a better life, which unfortunately manifested itself in two camps.

Five days in Caracas to cover the funeral of President Hugo Chavez, did not give me the right to judge anything that I saw in the Venezuelan capital. Because of that, I decided to just give the eyewitness report, without judgment, without analyzing. And because Venezuela is known-asides from Chavez and oil-with his girls often win international beauty queen, let us point to their glimpse.

Comments foreigners living in Venezuela, there are only two types of women there, which is gorgeous and beautiful. Ideals of many women in Venezuela is a Miss. Beauty became an obsession. If nature does not give body as you wish, lots of ways to improve the situation with the help of a surgeon.

"It not unusual for 15-year-old girl gets a birthday gift breast enlargement surgery. She said breast augmentation plastic surgery the most good in Venezuela, while in Brazil for buttocks augmentation, "said the stranger. Unfortunately not enough time to cover the truth and seek the comment.

But the info is so makes me wonder every time I see beautiful women passing by in shopping centers. Nothing seemed fake, some are suggesting is pretty evident. But if you are sitting in a cafe in a luxury mall like Centro Commercial El Tolon in the area of ​​Las Mercedes, you will agree that it is indeed beautiful women everywhere. Moreover Caraquenas (female residents in Caracas) famous style conscious man's eyes so entertaining and awe (perhaps a little jealous of) other women.

But strange to my eyes, there is a plaque on a large few store that stores the sanctions hit. Erma, who accompanied the streets, saying tax and trade rules here are very strict. So if caught breaking a store, he would be subject to sanctions that are closed, and can only be opened again after paying a fine. 'Zara had closed a few days,' the story of the Spanish brand. That said, the case is because they sell older products at a price based on the exchange rate after the devaluation February ago.

Enjoy lunch at the food court while allowing Centro Commercial also to look at the life pulse Carasquenos. You want to try cachapa, local food corn pancakes with a variety of content, steak with cassava is soft and sticky, Japanese food or American fast food, all there. Of course you have to line up in an orderly manner because this mall especially on the weekends a popular destination residents.

The last day in Caracas, after Erma take a walk and see the Plaza Bolivar around, we went along to a township in southeastern Caracas. This region maintain its legacy of colonial architecture, with houses painted colors. It became one tourist destination, with the lowest crime rate in Caracas. It does not prevent every house to put iron bars on doors and windows.

We went to Hannsi, a super big craft stores that provide local works. You will be amazed to see the variety of colors and beautiful items on display. Statues of saints which intricate and beautiful meet a particular space. There is also folklore that horrible mask. Also the work of a native Indian. Then there was a row of statues of female dolls from clay. It was a bit much beauty according to uncover how the Venezuelan people. All the decoration doll tall slim. And that almost certainly, their large breasts.

In a room filled with statues of saints, a woman attract attention. He was probably more than 70 years. White hair, stylish clothes with a low chest piece, showing her breasts which creates an impression of the shape is the work of a surgeon. Confidently, the woman called her husband, men as old.

Hot chocolate made ​​me aware of the confusion. Rather than confuse interpret women's beauty obsession, we chose to buy coffee to take as suvernir Venezuela. Clearly, I have seen the color in his gray Caracas.

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