Thursday, September 5, 2013


executive summary by darmansjah

After exploring Morocco is situated in North Africa, the experience continues to tour to Europe, namely Spain, via Tangier. Of Tangier, travelers were treated to spectacular views along the Mediterranean coast to the city of Granada, which is under Sierra Nevada foothills.

Arriving in Granada, visitors can wander in the palace complex of the Alhambra, a Moorish palace of the king who had controlled area of ​​Spain before the Reconquista era. Inside the complex there is a sculpture and a beautiful Moorish architecture complete with views of the Old Quarter and Sacromonte. Generalife Gardens, the palace gardens with views to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which has not changed since the 10th century, you can also capture the memorable photos.

Do not rest too long, you immediately hurried step because Spain still offers a million surprises. Continue towards Sevilla refreshing your plants through the expanse of cork, olive, sunflower, and apples. These plants are characteristic of the Province of Andalusia. Traditional Flamenco dance spectacular will surely entertain and be able to add your thoughts to the province adventure.

During the tour in Sevilla, you will hear a series of stories, ranging from the reign of the Roman nation, the conquest by the Moors, taking back by the Moors, taking back by the Spanish in the Reconquista, the city's contribution to the discovery of a new continent in America you can also visit the stunning Maria Luisa Park, Giralda Cathedral with similar architecture Hassan II Tower in Rabat, and down narrow streets with unique residential architecture in the Santa Cruz Quarter.

After touring in Sevilla, head to the other cities, namely Fatima, Portugal. The town is located about 142 kilometers north of Lisbon's famous Christian pilgrimage. Having to Fatima, another unique city that should be enjoyed is Lisbon. In this city you can go to the Jeronimos Monastery, which houses the tomb of Vasco da Gama, Belem Tower which maintain the security of the mouth of the river Tagus, and Mounument of discoverers. Do not forget to taste the deliciousness Egg-tart legendary throughout the

Speaking Spanish is not complete if it does not stop to Barcelona and Madrid. Besides football achievements, the second city is also famous for historical tours treats. Please enter the two cities mentioned in your tour schedule and family. Enjoy the other cities located in France and Italy. Both countries are able to increase the sensation of your holiday.

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