Sunday, September 8, 2013


executive summary by darmansjah
Traveled to Tibet, you should not forget to visit Chengdu, China's largest city as well as the gateway of Tibet. Upon arrival in Chengdu, you can visit the animal brothels typical communist country, the panda. In the evening, tourists are treated to performances that is not less interesting, Sichuan Opera Show.

Establish your steps along every inch of the beauty that exists. Jiuzhaigou or known as Nine Dragon Valley bleary-eyed the next destination.

Tour event in this city can begin to surround the Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area with antipollution bus which had set the local tourism office.

You will also be treated to stunning scenery, including the Mirror Lake, Sleeping Dragon Lake, Long Lake, Five Color lake, Panda Lake, as well as the most beautiful waterfalls in this place, Pearl Waterfall. Jiuzhaigou is not only to show the beauty of nature. Arts and culture contained in this site is quite interesting. Zhang traditional tribal dances are so stunning you can enjoy through the Tibetan Dance Show.

Continue your journey to Huanglong Scenic Area attractions located in Huanglong. In these places visitors can enjoy the beautiful natural phenomenon which offered 3,500 neatly bath lake fish fins. Diverse water color like jade expanse under the sun rays.

There are many other cities that should enjoy its beauty. TravelerGuidanceBlogspot.Com as your tour companions are ready to assist you and your family enjoy the treats tour in Tibet, China, and beyond. Immediately complete your travel experience by choosing destinations which have supplied tour travel operators, and let yourself get lost in the beauty of the natural scenery is very very amazing!

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