Thursday, September 26, 2013


Executive summary by darmansjah

All eyes are often on the Croatian coast, but inland Zagreb remains the country’s centre. There’s plenty to see, from streets of designer stores, to renowned museums and rowdy beer halls. Don’t Miss The fascinating City Museum sits in a converted convent, with interactive exhibits showing the capital’s past (US$3.50). The Mimara Museum contains an extraordinary private collection of artwork dating from prehistory to the impressionists and beyond (US$3.50; roosveltov trg 5). Just ten minutes’ walk from the city centre, Camera Felice is a snug, private hotel with bright furnishings and a cheerful atmosphere (from US$82). Ivica I Marica (Hansel and Greets) is Zagreb’s  leading organic restaurant, serving eco-sourced meat, fish and past in a fairytale setting (Tkalciceva 70).

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