Friday, September 27, 2013

Seven Unique Job in the World

You have not worked? Needless to pessimistic, job opportunities are always available everywhere. From the mundane to the unique. Well, here are seven unique job in the world as reported by Yahoo!

Examiners Aroma

Have felt the nose supersinsitif? Try just a fragrance testers. What are their duties? Well, people with this job testing the effectiveness of deodorant and antiperspirants by sniffing ketikak experiment participants. Thanks to them, we are saved from the deodorant smell bad.

Controller Shoes

When buying shoes, you would check the details from the color until smooth material. Well, it turns out there is someone whose job spends hours every day to ensure the shoe is not smooth? Well, the controller is akam fix these shoes so smooth when sold.

Examiners Sofa

Interested in casual work while sitting on the couch? Well, this work is the primary duty of the testers sofa. Every day, their job is to sit down, lean back, and assess the level of comfort to the hundreds of kinds of sofas every day.

Pet Food Examiner

How do I know the quality of the food? Of course by tasting it. However, how to pet food? Since the animals could not report their food taste, so human examiners. Well, testers pet food should taste a variety of new recipes and comment on the softness and taste.

Golf ball diver

Beautiful golf hills often decorated beautiful pools. Sometimes, golfers ball plunge them into it. Do not worry, there is a golf ball diver assigned to take the balls for resale

Vomiting cleaners

Play roller coaster is fun. Shouts and laughter have become a common sight. However, there are also visitors who can not afford to throw up as roller coaster ride. Well, as is often the case, there is a vehicle owner who employs a special cleaning vomit.

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