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Behind the delicious joy of Kiwi Fruit

Original text by Frans Sartono, executive summary by Darmansjah

If you enjoy kiwi fruit, the delicious flavor behind there work all my life in New Zealand farmers. They work with the intention to harvest the fruits most delicious and useful for health. That way, their lives meaningful.

Gather ripe kiwi fruit on the branches. Thousands of them, waiting for the hands to pluck, and very appetizing. Roger Hoebers (45), a kiwi grower or farmer in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, we took a walk in the garden kiwi which orchad or ready to harvest in mid-April.

Roger kiwi fruit from the garden would eventually become part of the kiwi are exported to 50 countries, including Indonesia. If you buy a kiwi fruit in supermarkets in Indonesia, one of which may be picked from the garden Sir Roger.

With shorts and shoes gardens, Roger put a big bag in the waist. The bag was used to hold the fruits of passage. He was accompanied by his wife, Deborah, who carried her daughter, Alexy, who is almost 2 years old.

"I'm a kiwi fruit farmer because I've always liked to eat kiwi" Roger said that only two years has kebuh 1.2 hectares in Taurangga, Bay of Plenty, which is located 200 kilometers from Auckland, New Zealand.

A walk in the garden kiwi, is an excursion into the green nature, with clean air, fresh, and peaceful. Neighborhood gardens still forested, hilly land with contour where chirping birds fly free. "That was just a peacock fly there before we came here," said Deborah.

Enjoying Life

Roger kiwi orchard consists of three blocks. Each block bounded by dense pine trees lined the walls form a natural fence tight. The tree fence protecting kiwi plants from strong winds are not good for kiwi fruit.

Roger involved in the horticulture industry after pass high school at the age of 16 years. He then lecture in the horticulture department at Zespri worked as a manager. After  teen years of work, the new two and a half years ago he bought the kiwi plantations.

"You know, I'm getting older and I want to enjoy life with day-to-day work in the garden kiwi. I could have a garden this forever and I can still get income from this garden, "he said of the reason kiwi farming at the age of 45 years.

"When I started working in the garden kiwi, I always dreamed that one day I would have a kiwi orchard itself rather than continue to work for someone else. So, this was the dream come true, ha-ha-ha, "Roger while picking kiwi fruit.

Roger understand the true philosophy of farmers who are members of Zespri kiwi. The point is to maintain, cultivate crops as possible, in order to produce delicious fruit. Thus, the consumer will be served with satisfaction and its turn kiwi fruit will keep them alive.

"The most exciting aspect for me as a farmer is to work with nature and produce fruit with high quality," said Roger who planted sun gold kiwi species, the yellow flesh.

"Of course nature is very influential on what is happening on the crop, which is quite difficult to predict. So like a little gambling too, he-he-he. But I enjoy it. "

This year being the first year for Roger harvest sun gold kiwi species. Previously he planted kiwi green (sweet green). His farm produce 22 tones per hectare kiwifruit class that he described it as a super tasty. It was delicious.

Community Farmers

Roger Hoebers is one of New Zealand kiwifruit growers who gathered in Zespri, kiwifruit growers organization of the Bay of Plenty. As many as 80 percent of the proceeds kiwi New Zealand grown in this region and exported to 50 countries, including Indonesia.

Frans Sartono visiting kiwifruit-producing center in the New Zealand with an invitation lai Ndari Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Bahrain. Groups invited by Zespri. This organization is really protecting the interests of farmers 2,600 kiwi in the country. they're really devoted to customer satisfaction. And the result was remarkable. Last year they accounted for revenues of 1.6 billion dollars the State New Zealand.
"At harvest time we had a good summer with abundant sunshine. Weather like this that make a more delicious kiwi fruit, "said Blair Hamill, General Manager of Global Supply, Zespri, last April, in Taurangga, New Zealand.

As an illustration, the harvest in 2012, farmers who are members of Zespri kiwi produce 410,000 tones of kiwi are plucked from the garden with an area of ​​2,700 total 12,500 acres. Millions kiwi is then shipped in 55 shipments, transports 6,880 containers equipped with cooling.

Although the level of consumption of kiwi fruit Indonesia is still relatively low, compared to Japan, Korea or Thailand, the country as a very promising market. "Especially with the emergence of a new middle class in Indonesia," said Blair Hamill sure.

Middle class as a society towards justice suspected conscious foods. Eating with reason, he said. Zespri research suggests, they eat fruit with consideration of taste and health benefits.

Serving Health

Zespri kiwi farmers in the works to serve the consumer orientation. Of phases, planting, picking, fruit quality inspection, packing, shipping, research, research, carried out very carefully and thoroughly.

Frans S visiting companies kiwi fruit packing and storage Trevelyan's Pack and Cool Ltd in Te Puke, a small town 28km away from the Bay of Plenty. Zespri's partner companies serving packing kiwi for 220 gardens. Fruit sorting through several stages. If found to be defective fruit, the fruit will be returned to the farmers with technical notes for improvement in the future.

With such detail process, Trevelyan's 8,097,254 in 2012 to package kiwi tray (one tray contains 30's pieces). Trevelyan's make sure no one else is not worth the piece could pass delivery.

Once labeled Zespri, kiwi kept in cold storage temperature of zero degrees Celsius. Frans who had entered into the storage kiwi fruit without the jacket only lasting 3 minutes. Kiwi performance  then transshipped containers also include climate control. For shipments to Jakarta it takes about 18-22 days. Temperature is always maintained to kiwi delivery to consumer in optimum condition.

Kiwi farmers it does work seriously, diligently, but full of joy. "I enjoy working in orchad all joy, all my life (full of passion). This has become our lifestyle, kiwi farmers, "said Roger Hoebers.

Principle they are not grandiose. In the example workspace Trevelyan's motto emblazoned Success is not doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things extraordinarily well (Success is not doing extraordinary things but doing ordinary things in an extraordinary good).

With these principles, Zespri kiwifruit growers wander from across the world.

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